PAWWWLLL!, on karma

And Dan Mullen, of course:

Finebaum, appearing on WJOX 94.5 FM in Alabama, noted how quickly the tables have turned on Mullen this offseason when it pertains to Smart and the Georgia program.

“Losing recruits happens all the time, players get into trouble all the time but I think it’s a little bit of karma flying back at him,” Finebaum said. “I thought Kirby Smart won the day and maybe won the war by just shooing Dan Mullen away the other day like a fly on your sandwich at a Fourth of July picnic.”

… Finebaum went further in on the Florida program under Mullen and revealed that Mullen had been taking some further shots at Georgia when Finebaum went to visit the Florida program.

“He’s been running it for months, frankly, he’s been running it since he was born,” Finebaum joked during the interview. “I was in his office three and a half weeks ago, I heard him running his mouth about Georgia and it caught up to him and now all those people who have been sitting around going, ‘I wonder why he’s doing that?’ are turning on him.”

Hell, he may even be right about that.  That’s a shame.



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  1. PDawg30577

    Nobody who reads Diwun Black’s Twitter farewell will have any question why he needs to transfer to a community college, but the community college that took him should be embarrassed.


    • Go Dawgs!

      Wow. Yeah, I guess even Florida football couldn’t find a way to make THAT work. I’ve never seen a notes app note with a red “SEE ME AFTER CLASS” at the top. Sheesh. I guess I know why the kid picked Florida, he’s been conditioned to expect a big “F” at the top of his papers.


    • GruvenDawg

      I have had one of the best months ever watching UF tear apart at the seams this offseason. I hope Mullen keeps running his mouth. You know, karma and all.

      April 15 2018 UF 4* DE Langham enters transfer portal
      April 23: UF recruiting staff arrested for stalking and threatening to blow up ex gf’s car
      April 27: 2021 UF 4* ATH Wilcoxson decommits
      April 30: 2019 UF 4* QB Jones signee transferring
      May 2: Said QB linked to sexual assault accusations
      May 3: 5-star RB Bowman at pipeline school commits to Clemson
      May 5: UF swept by UGA baseball
      May 7: UF Player arrested’
      May 9: Top UF 2019 4* CB Steele transferring
      May 9: Top UF 2021 5* DE Langston de-commits
      May 9: UF DB charged with misdemeanor battery
      May 9: UGA gets another 5 star commit. That’s 20 5 star’s since Kirby arrived to UF’s ZERO over same 4 year period.
      May 10: 2021 UF 4* ATH Jackson Decommits
      May 10: 2021 UF 4* WR Rucker Decommits
      May 10: 2020 Top 100 Recruits begin cancelling Official visits to UF
      May 10: I was told Mullen is up on Lake Oconee, GA on his boat. Don’t know if this one is true, but LOL!!!
      May 13: UF players begin attacking Steele for transferring on social media
      May 13: 2020 4* OT Ratledge commits to UGA
      May 13: 2019 UF 4* LB Black confirms to UF he will be enrolling in JUCO


  2. Spike

    “…post to graduate..” Wow.

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  3. spur21

    Thinking about Mullen brings this to mind


  4. stoopnagle

    So this ‘19 class is basically in shambles?


  5. Anonymous

    More interesting: Finebaum refers to college football as a “platform.”


  6. Milledge Hall

    Dumpster Dan…..
    The head ditch lizard…
    The gift that keeps on giving!!


  7. Salty Dawg

    Wait – UF football has an academic standard? No way.

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  8. Doug

    It’s the best of both worlds as far as I’m concerned. Florida trash talk at 1990s Spurrier levels, re-injecting some real hatred into the rivalry, only without Florida having much to show for it this time around.

    And Kirby’s “sorry, didn’t catch that, was too busy winning” response to it all is pitch-perfect.


  9. SlobberKnocker

    Man, if you run your mouth so much that a guy like Finebaum says “frankly, he’s been running it since he was born,” you’ve really accomplished next level stuff.


  10. I know it’s fun to pile on the Gators when things go badly, but first off, the kid hasn’t done anything to hurt anyone so taking pot shots at him isn’t really warranted.

    Secondly, it looks like he dictated that note through Siri, which is bad at dictation at its best and pretty awful at its worst. I wouldn’t hold all those misspellings against him.


  11. Just Chuck (The Other One)

    “I thought Kirby Smart won the day and maybe won the war by just shooing Dan Mullen away the other day like a fly on your sandwich at a Fourth of July picnic.”

    That ought to be engraved on a wall somewhere. Maybe in Gainesville.


  12. Mayor

    Today Steele announced he is transferring to Oregon. Is that less than 200 miles from Southern California? Let me get out my map and see….