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By now, I assume you’ve heard that Chris Steele has elected to take his talents to Oregon.  So much for Mr. and Mrs. Mullen’s West Coast groveling excursion.

His decision is part of a new Florida tradition ($$).

From a talent standpoint, Florida doesn’t have the margin for error to quickly get over this loss. That feeling is exacerbated by the fact the Gators have now seen a top signee never suit up in an actual game for them in three consecutive classes. In addition to Steele, Justin Watkins was the No. 89 prospect in the 2018 class and James Robinson was the No. 115 prospect in the 2017 class.

That gap with Georgia ain’t gonna close itself, Dan.

By the way, if you subscribe, make sure you read the linked article in its entirety to get a feel for how much Steele’s departure weakens Florida at cornerback.  The starters are excellent (well, except they’ll have to wait and see how Marco Wilson comes back from his ACL injury), but depth has to be a real concern, considering that Steele was being counted on as the third guy.

Florida experienced what kind of an effect a shallow cornerback room can have in the SEC. The shortcoming was exposed against Georgia, when the Bulldogs succeeded in targeting C.J. McWilliams, who suddenly climbs one step back up the depth chart.

Congrats to C.J., who’s surrounded by two 2019 signees who aren’t early enrollees and, speaking of Florida traditions, a dude who was arrested last week for misdemeanor simple battery against his girlfriend.  No doubt Grantham is poised to work his magic in the defensive backfield.



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15 responses to “Your daily Gator update

  1. Mayor

    FU’s biggest liability in the defensive backfield is the DC not the players.

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  2. stoopnagle

    Oh fun! Today we get #thirdandgrantham AND #ftmf


  3. DC Weez

    The Daily Gator Update never gets old.


  4. And I got a chance to reply AWESOME to the article question ‘what did you think of this story’

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  5. Macallanlover

    Another point of difference between the two programs is this hilarious video clip of the two coaches. Place a bet on UGA -4.


  6. siskey

    With no depth at CB might we see the UF equivalent of Grantham’s 2013 “shook and awed” defense that we saw at UGA. My favorite part was the same confusion against Nebraska in game 13 as against Clemson in game 1. As a bonus, Fromm could set the record for longest pass TD if they punt us down near the goal line.


    • UF’s starting corners are experienced and good, so if both are healthy, the Gator secondary won’t look that disorganized. It will be interesting to see how they handle five-wide sets, though.


      • siskey

        This is especially true if there are no pass rushers. Grantham has to rush the passer to have any chance for his defense to work and if they have to bring a lot of guys to do so it will be a bad year for the Gators.


      • Cojones

        By the use of more hand waving and upturned palms?

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  7. Spike

    I guess the ass kissing by Mr. and Mrs. Mullen wasn’t good enough. That’s a shame.


    • DavetheDawg

      On the plane ride back from California:

      Mrs. Mullen: “Dan, if you ever do that again, I’LL decommit.”
      Dan: “Yes, dear. Would you like me to paint the fence this weekend?”


  8. Potatodawg

    Mullen is blaming Steele’s transfer for personal problems and that he and his wife flew out west to comfort him in his decision to leave! Wow!