Just another day in Gainesville

Ordinarily, I’d say this comment is par for the course from a defense lawyer…

“That is bullsh–. There’s a certain amount of touching that is not intended to be a criminal matter,” Cervone said. “I could put my arm on your shoulder as I walk past you and technically that’s battery. Some people revel in something that’s not a big deal. It’s a football player and it becomes the end of the world.”

… but since it’s coming from State Attorney Bill Cervone, I’d expect there’s nothing much to sweat here.

I am so ready for Herbie to tweet that Dan Mullen has lost control in Gainesville, though.  Now that Richt’s retired, somebody’s gotta carry that torch.




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25 responses to “Just another day in Gainesville

  1. sniffer

    Isn’t the State Attorney sworn to uphold the laws and prosecute when a charged offense is proveable?

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  2. Macallanlover

    I certainly wouldn’t elevate Dancing Danny into any comparison with Mark Richt. Not only is mullet an embarrassing jerk, he has never won anything, not even sniffed a division title in a decade, and is no where near the positive representative of the school he is representing. I know you didn’t exactly that, but the two are not even close enough to be compared. And that is also true when it comes to discipline despite silly memes. I didn’t follow Miss State closely enough for his off the field comments and shortcomings (just the on field problems), but someone, besides McDoofus, didn’t so their homework on this tool before handing him the keys. Getting messier in Gainesville every week.


    • Cojones

      Yeah, Mac, and ain’t it great that they are shitting in their hat this early and before recruiting is done, before they begin to lose games and can’t seem to ever get on track? It’s like a surprise party for Dawgs during and following the Ides of March until August practices. Notice that Mike (Blutarsky) is getting his hate on early as well?

      There can never be enough shit to rub their faces in.


  3. Trbodawg

    I’m trying so hard not to take too much joy in the Schadenfreude.


    • S

      Why? It’s the Florida Fucking Gators. You are, as a Georgia Bulldog, professionally obligated to take maximum joy from their pain.


  4. 81Dog

    Wasn’t Slingblade Danny in charge at Miss St when (allegedly) MSU offered $Cam Newton 200 large to come play for his old OC from Florida? I’m sure Danny had no idea that approach was being taken, and that his relationship would make most anyone want to come play in the barren wasteland known as Starkville.


    • Russ

      Sideshow Dan somehow “redeemed” a 5* DT after he was shown punching a girl before getting to MSU. The spotlight is a little brighter in Florida.


  5. Salty Dawg

    HaHa! I love watching what’s-his-face’s program crumbling brick by brick, like Kings Landing. Not as good as the vowels when Bootch was being Bootch, but getting there.


  6. Mark

    Hell, why not? I am reveling in it. I am bathing in it. I am drinking long and deeply from the wellspring that is salty gator tears.

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  7. Mark

    Dang it! This was supposed to be under Trbodawg’s post above.

    Is anyone else having consistent problems getting replies to appear under the correct post?


    • Mark

      And again, the post above did not appear under the post I selected.


      • Trbodawg

        Gotta be quick 🙂 –
        It’s an intriguing dilemma – When does the joy of having having shit happen to a rival overcome the fear of it happening to ours?


  8. ugafidelis

    PE-RINE!! OH MY!!!


  9. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Might not be anything, really, but still, the hits just keep on coming for Dan. Karma is a bitch.


  10. Sides

    Tow truck drivers are scum.


    • Those that run around towing cars that have been parked for minutes in a place are scumbags especially when you come up and ask nicely to have your car not be towed.

      The guy who came out at almost 11 p.m. on a Saturday night in the cold and towed our SUV after a run in with a South Georgia deer was about as nice as he could be. He gave us a ride to my parents’ home (along with a good Worth County sheriff’s deputy) and took the vehicle off the truck long enough for us to unload it.

      In this case, who knows where the truth lies. I imagine a tow truck driver’s first response would be to defend himself or file a complaint if someone touched him in the middle of a tow.


  11. Karma’s sister, Bitch Slap is gonna show Chief dan ass wipe the real feel of running thy mouth too muchith by the cooling waters, at the St. Johns lizard feast 2019…


  12. Corch Irvin Meyers New USC Trojans Corch (2020)

    Sideshow Dan the Clown has lost control of the Florida Gators.


  13. Bulldog Joe

    With those skillz, move Perine to fill one of those new holes on defense.


  14. The Dawg abides

    I remember when we had the two players arrested for simple battery for patting a pregnant woman’s belly. IIRC, the judge just made the guys apologize, dismissed the case, then chewed out the prosecutor for not having the common sense to handle it that way in the first place.


  15. Dawgflan

    To LOSE control one must first HAVE control. Is there any proof of that with the side-show/sling-blade/shit-stirrer Dan?


  16. Bryan Ramsey

    From the State’s Attorney’s bio…”A native of Tampa, he has lived in Gainesville since 1967 and is a 1971 graduate of the University of Florida and a 1973 graduate of the University of Florida Law School.” Who was that lawyer they always got for the players in trouble. With that guy on defense and Cervone on the prosecution they would never lose!