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“Why would I leave home?”

Helluva quote from Kirbs in response to a question at a Bainbridge football fundraiser about leaving for another job:

“I have more passion and energy in my heart for the University of Georgia than you’ll ever realize,” Smart said. “Because it did more for me than anything I’ve been to in my life.  I had the great fortune of going… I assure you, it was what drove me to success.”

Now ask Jimmy Sexton.  😉



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The forgotten man

Granted, it’s not like the offensive line is a glamour position.  Still, even there, we take note of guys like Thomas, Cleveland and Gaillard.

This guy, not so much.

It seems like every year there’s talk that somebody is going to jump Kindley on the two-deep, but it never happens.  He just goes about his business, and goes about it well.


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It’s in the game.

EA Sports would love to bring back its beloved NCAA Football game.

EA would be open to making the game again, according to former NCAA Football Executive Producer Ben Haumiller. 247Sports reached out to EA Sports prior to the working group announcement and Haumiller, currently a producer for the Madden franchise, responded two days afterward through a PR representative.

“We loved making college football games,” Haumiller told 247Sports via email. “If the opportunity ever presented itself we’d be very interested in potentially getting back into that space.”

You know there’s a market.  I know there’s a market.  EA knows there’s a market.  I suspect the NCAA does, too.

There’s only one little problem.

“I mean, on black markets you can sell your body parts,” Zabransky said. “Who we are is owned by us and us only. If your likeness can generate a revenue for you then in a free capitalist society you should be able to use it.”

Too bad college athletics isn’t a free capitalist society.


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It’s a matter of principle (and interest).

Dabo Swinney channels his inner Jim Delany on player compensation.

“They may want to professionalize college athletics. Well, then, maybe I’ll go to the pros. If I’m going to coach pro football, I might as well do that.”

Dabo’s not stupid.  He can do basic math.  At some level, college athletics’ finances is a zero sum game.  If schools have to start paying student-athletes real money, there’s that much less in the pot for the Dabo Swinneys of the world.


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