It’s a matter of principle (and interest).

Dabo Swinney channels his inner Jim Delany on player compensation.

“They may want to professionalize college athletics. Well, then, maybe I’ll go to the pros. If I’m going to coach pro football, I might as well do that.”

Dabo’s not stupid.  He can do basic math.  At some level, college athletics’ finances is a zero sum game.  If schools have to start paying student-athletes real money, there’s that much less in the pot for the Dabo Swinneys of the world.



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17 responses to “It’s a matter of principle (and interest).

  1. sniffer

    Sounds more like a threat from Dabo than a casual observation. He isn’t fooling anyone. He’s been everywhere this spring, gookin it up with Drake, etc. If he’s going 6-10 in Nashville with the Titans, nobodies gonna gas about his ass.


  2. TXBaller

    No….Dabo IS stupid.


  3. ATL Dawg

    You already coach pro football Dabo. The only difference between the NFL and your league is that your players don’t get paid.

    I guess we shouldn’t be surprised that some of these coaches aren’t going to let some of their money, power, and control slip away without a fight.


    • ASEF

      Oh, they gettin’ paid. A Clemson basketball coach was caught on tape assuring Zion’s camp that Clemson had the whole “take care of the stars” thing down, as evidenced by the football program’s success. Add ostarine. Add sending players to the transfer portal when a better one comes along.

      The NFL requires a completely different approach to handling your players and their “vitamins.” Dabo would not last 3 months there.


  4. Dabo forecast: Beginning of his end, LOL.


  5. Got Cowdog

    Put your big boy pants on and jump in there Dabo.
    Go play with the big boys. Let’s see what ya got.


  6. CB

    Sounds like a win win for the dawgs.


  7. Uglydawg

    Dabo probably has a lot of reasons for not wanting to pay college football players. Some may be legitimate and some not so..but I doubt if worrying about his slice of the cake shrinking is one of them.


    • CEPH

      Uglydog you are correct. Paying players would not make one iota of difference in coaches pay. You would be sadly mistaken to think so!!!


  8. Classic City Canine

    Dabo, don’t bs us. You ain’t leaving.


  9. Gaskilldawg

    Mrs. Dabo isn’t stupid, either. She knows NFL teams do not pay coaches as much as Clemson pays its.


  10. mg4life0331

    He sure does talk a lot of shit since he got Venebles there.

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  11. Macallanlover

    Don’t know about talking crap, but that was the difference maker in Clemson football, imo. Dabo would have been successful for many years, but Venables was the game changer. Expected an uptick when he got there but never realized he would never leave for a HC job. Clemson is a monster now, Dabo is playing this thing right and has no competition within his league currently. Doesn’t get much better than that.


    • stoopnagle

      And FSU can’t pull itself together. Maybe Manny Diaz has what it takes? He doesn’t have the 404 on lock-down, so I doubt it.


  12. Go Dawgs!

    You know what? I really hope these kids that Clemson is recruiting realize just how offended Dabo Swinney is by the idea of them and their families having money. At least, he’s certainly offended by the idea of them having money before they’ve served their three year tour of duty lining HIS pockets before they can pick up a buck for themselves. And for the players like our own Todd Gurley who came from poverty, Dabo Swinney is saying he’d rather leave Clemson University than see their mothers and fathers and siblings lifted out of abject poverty three years early. If players realized just how much Dabo wants to keep them from earning money off of their likenesses or the damage they do to their bodies for our entertainment and his enrichment, I can’t imagine they’d want to flock to his banner.

    This is a garbage threat. Dabo Swinney makes more money than the highest paid coach in the NFL. Sean Peyton is pulling down 8 million a year, and Dabo has yet to finish Year One of his TEN YEAR $93 million contract. Is he concerned that paying players means less for him? Hardly. The man has a contract. He’s getting more than every pro coach either way. Maybe he’s worried about the money for other coaches on his staff or at other schools drying up, but Dabo doesn’t really strike me as a guy who loses sleep over other people not getting theirs as long as he’s still getting his. For some reason, Dabo just hates the idea of a college football player not being poor. I wonder why that is, and I wonder why recruits haven’t noticed.


    • Whatever

      Dabo doesn’t want to see players making money because he doesn’t want an even playing field. Clemson is compensating their blue-chips very nicely. They have a leg-up under the table. Once paying or allowing players to profit off their likeness, well…Dabo’s boosters and their $100 handshakes aren’t as “impactful”.

      BTW, ask Rashan Gary’s mom how much Clemson is offering to pay for commitments!