It’s in the game.

EA Sports would love to bring back its beloved NCAA Football game.

EA would be open to making the game again, according to former NCAA Football Executive Producer Ben Haumiller. 247Sports reached out to EA Sports prior to the working group announcement and Haumiller, currently a producer for the Madden franchise, responded two days afterward through a PR representative.

“We loved making college football games,” Haumiller told 247Sports via email. “If the opportunity ever presented itself we’d be very interested in potentially getting back into that space.”

You know there’s a market.  I know there’s a market.  EA knows there’s a market.  I suspect the NCAA does, too.

There’s only one little problem.

“I mean, on black markets you can sell your body parts,” Zabransky said. “Who we are is owned by us and us only. If your likeness can generate a revenue for you then in a free capitalist society you should be able to use it.”

Too bad college athletics isn’t a free capitalist society.



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    Too bad they get free school, room, board, food etc…life is tough.


    • ATL Dawg

      You can apply that same line of reasoning to any group of undercompensated people.

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    • So, you’re saying if amateurism was brought to an end tomorrow, nothing would change because all student-athletes are already being fully compensated for their services. Then you have nothing to worry about, right?

      Of course, we both know that’s bullshit.

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    • CB

      Go to work on Monday and demand only want free room, board and an education with no salary. I’m gonna go ahead and guess you aren’t worth as much to your job as say Todd Gurley was to Georgia so you should be more than happy with those terms.


  2. Isn’t it a bit ironic to you that none of those guys had a problem playing the game when other people were on the cover but not getting paid?


  3. Comin' Down The Track

    Man, that was my favorite sports game to play… including, dare I say, R.B.I Baseball NES.


  4. Tony Barnfart

    The last year i believe was the 2014 edition (released 8/2013)…. man, i ran nothing but Aaron Murray in the pistol hurry-up and slinging the ball around the yard in devastating fashion


  5. Hobnail_Boot

    This is literally the only item in the “Pro” column in the pay debate.


    • Macallanlover

      Then let’s continue to do without it.


    • Why do you believe that?

      I think the Olympic model would work. Those with marketability would be able to profit from it. Those that don’t would be able to continue to obtain a free (or subsidized) education and development for their respective pro sport (if that’s in the cards). Non-revenue student-athletes like Katie Ledecky may be able to swim competitively for Stanford and still be able to earn enough money to pay for the out-of-pocket component of their scholarships with their ability to endorse products.

      The Olympic model wouldn’t cost the NCAA or its member institutions one dime (the COA scholarship allows school to profit from the student-athlete’s name and likeness) more than what they pay today.

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  6. rwphonics

    This may be a completely nonsense question, but one I’ve never understood (and I’m not an attorney): why can’t EA just make the game with completely random generic rosters (and not “unnamed QB #10 with same measureables as the actual player” like they used to)?