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A little Sunday Dawg porn for ‘ya

Via Dawgs247:

Yeah. I was going through pulling some numbers and looking at their classes since Kirby’s been the head coach. I think this is why Georgia made the move from Mark Richt to Kirby Smart, to put them over the hump both on the field and in recruiting. I think he’s done that, or it’s at least trending that way. They haven’t won a national championship yet, but I think he’s definitely improved their roster and it would be hard to dispute that. When you go back and look at their classes- this year they’re probably going to have multiple five-stars. I think (Smart) has signed a top five class every year except maybe his first year where he took over and that was basically a half class in 2016. They had the number one class in 2019. Going through looking at the five-star prospects they’ve signed, I counted 18. I think Alabama had 14 in that period. They had more than Ohio State, also. I would think Alabama and Ohio State would be second and third. That’s pretty crazy when you can come in and immediately sign the most five-stars over a four year span. They’ve had a couple transfer away like the quarterbacks- Jacob Eason and Justin Fields, but even accounting for the transfers, I think they would have the most.

It’s super impressive. That’s one I’ve noted with Kirby Smart back to when he was an assistant at Alabama and he’s transferred it over to Georgia. They can go in anywhere (and recruit). This is Nick Saban’s M.O. with recruiting. They could go in and cherry pick and compete with local schools for the top prospects. For instance, in the 2020 (sic) class (Georgia) signed the number one player in Georgia, the number one player in Florida, the number one player in Mississippi, the top two prospects in Alabama which is never easy to do, the number one JUCO prospect and for the cherry on top, the number one prospect in Rhode Island. Kirby did this when he was at Alabama…

And he’s now running the home state program.  Hubba hubba.



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Today, in I got mine, don’t worry about his

Look who’s joined the Dabo Swinney Club on player compensation.

I hate to admit it, but there’s a part of me that would almost enjoy the NCAA getting its antitrust exemption, at least if it’s broad enough to allow it to restrict coaches’ pay, too.  Let’s see how Dabo and Adazio like making $500k/year in the name of education.


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“I don’t know what I would do if I was in that (AD) chair.”

Which is not to say UCF’s Danny White doesn’t have some advice for his South Florida counterpart, after the Bulls scheduled a two-for-one series with Miama.

“(USF AD) Michael Kelly and I talk about a lot of different things … I’m sure that gate is meaningful for them for that single-game sale for those games. It’s a precedent I don’t like being set in our conference for schools to start doing a lot higher volume of 2-for-1s. We haven’t as a conference been that kind of place. We’ve been successful, historically, of getting home-and-homes with Power 6 opponents, and I’d like to see our conference peers continue to do that as we intend to do.”

White is so full of shit with that, mainly because he feels like it undercuts his attempt to push Florida into scheduling a straight home-and-home deal with UCF.  The idea that his conference has been successful at cutting those kind of deals with P5 schools is as in touch with reality as his insistence that UCF won a national championship.


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‘I’m not going to lose you this time, right?’

Maybe you don’t want to call it destiny, but you’ve got to admit the story of how Lawrence Cager wound up in Athens has some remarkable twists and turns.


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