Today, in I got mine, don’t worry about his

Look who’s joined the Dabo Swinney Club on player compensation.

I hate to admit it, but there’s a part of me that would almost enjoy the NCAA getting its antitrust exemption, at least if it’s broad enough to allow it to restrict coaches’ pay, too.  Let’s see how Dabo and Adazio like making $500k/year in the name of education.


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8 responses to “Today, in I got mine, don’t worry about his

  1. Doug

    …or better yet, I’d like to see how the Swinneys and Addazios of the world would react if their bosses called them in and said, “Look, fellas, we’re not gonna be able to pay you an actual salary anymore, but the good news is we’re gonna cover all your housing and food costs, PLUS we’re gonna let you pursue the degree of your choice at our fine institution at no cost.” Given what a tremendous honor that is, I’m assuming it would never even cross their minds to start looking for other opportunities.

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    • Castleberry

      You forgot to mention taking away their side deals with local car dealerships, and what not. Coach – you’re going to need to give back that sweet Ford truck.


  2. chopdawg

    Those of us who didn’t finish paying for our college educations until years after we’d graduated think the scholarship is pretty damn close to a paycheck.

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  3. Patrick

    I think they’d be fine with restricted coaches pay.

    They’re taking all the money that’s offered no doubt, but deep down they know they are just gym teachers.

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  4. And monkeys might fly out of my butt…those coaches would hit the “transport portalet” so fast should one of their student athletes be compensated more than the hc….