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Normal is as normal does.

This is why I wish Kirby wouldn’t discuss the transfer portal.

It’s not that he’ll look hypocritical when he takes a highly ranked, early bailing transfer who’s not a grad (*** cough *** Demetris *** cough *** Robertson*** cough).  We all know that’s part of the game.  It’s the gratuitous shot at parents that’s gonna get thrown back in his face.  And should be.

Sometimes, discretion is the better part of recruiting.



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Pondering a Year of the Quarterback question

Georgia doesn’t play LSU this season, but the two teams do share several common opponents in 2019.  And The Valley Shook’s Billy Gomila takes a look at the Tigers’ slate here and there’s one observation in particular worth sharing.

And just like the Gators, evening out the quarterback play will probably be what sets all that up. Both Kellen Mond and Feliepe Franks had pretty big gaps in their play versus the better teams on their respective schedules last year. How that gap closes (or widens) will probably determine whether either team have a real shot at pushing for a division title.

In conference play last year, Mond finished eighth and Franks ninth in passer rating, both under the 130 average mark.  Do you think either of them is ready to make the jump this season?  If so, who?


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Kentucky’s new bitch

With the Wildcats ending their 26-game futility streak against Florida last season — nice job, by the way, Dan — Georgia now owns the longest winning streak against UK.

(Before you ask, yeah, the header is sarcastic.)


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Musical palate cleanser, before I get old edition

Every time Pete Townsend has a birthday (he turned 74 over the weekend), another version of “My Generation” gets its wings.


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