Today, in meow, Part Three

Hey, everybody!  An anonymous SEC coach has figured out Kirby’s Kryptonite!

“After Texas beat the hell out of Georgia in the bowl game, Kirby Smart had to take a big look in the mirror,” one anonymous SEC coach told Lindy’s. “He hangs his hat on defense and Texas shredded his defense. Oklahoma did the same thing two years ago. That gives people an idea how to move the football on Georgia’s defense. Texas ran it right up their butt. Oklahoma beat them on the perimeter. And you can’t say Georgia ain’t got players.”

(Texas averaged 3.63 yards per rushing attempt against Georgia.  But I digress, I guess.)

So, just run the ball up the middle, or take it outside.  It’s really that easy.  I look forward to Vanderbilt emulating Oklahoma’s success in the season opener, now that the secret is out there for all to see.

And, peeps, don’t think Kirby isn’t feeling the pressure… from us.

“Georgia can’t backslide,” said another anonymous opposing coach in the conference. “Those fans think they’re going to win the national championship every year.”

I’m really beginning to wonder how sharp you have to be to coach in the SEC.


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  1. Jim

    “I’m really beginning to wonder how sharp you have to be to coach in the SEC.”

    I couldn’t agree more. It’s even worse on a national scale. When ESPN does their Mega Cast of big games, its worth tuning into the “Coaches Film Room” (I think that is what it is called) for a bit (assuming the dawgs aren’t playing so you’re ok missing a little of the action) where a handful of coaches critique the game real time. I’ve watched a couple of those and concluded all but a very small handful of college coaches are nothing more than glorified gym teachers. And they all make $3m+ per year with multi year contracts. It borders on being criminal. Fortunately i think we’ve got one of the small number of coaches that is something more than that.


    • Macallanlover

      “It borders on being criminal.” I would say that is quite a stretch, but that would be understating it greatly. It might be poor judgement, or out of line with their talent but you either have no idea what criminal means. Lets hate those who don’t live at the “national average” or succeed in their field.


      • Jim

        I didn’t mean criminal in the literal sense. Capitalism for the win. My main point is that these guys make huge piles of money and really aren’t all that talented. Good for them for figuring out how to do it.


        • Russ

          I just want Larry Scott’s job. That has to be the best gig in America.

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        • Macallanlover

          They do, and I feel most are overpaid as well. As with overpaid CEOs, it is the group above (usually a board, or group who has control and approval of compensation) who have lost control and should be held accountable. In both cases, there are usually other options that can do a comparable job for much less. Charlie Weiss is maybe the best example of an over paid coach, due to a rush to judgement. I hold the Pope responsible.


  2. Texas averaged 4.61 YPP against Georgia. On the season it averaged 5.51. In the 14 games Texas played, only Kansas (!!) held them to a lower yards per play average (4.30).

    The Sugar Bowl was undoubtedly an abortion for Georgia, but claiming Texas was somehow dominant just isn’t the case. The game itself was hot trash, and Texas won by looking kinda, sorta decent. Georgia lost by looking like hot shit.

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  3. Jack Burton

    Hilarious that you actually think all these quotes are from anonymous coaches. 100% made up each year by the folks at Lindys


    • Why go to the trouble of doing that?


    • Greg

      I think it is (coaches)…I mean, what would it do for Lindy’s? Sounds to me like it is more of a leveraging thing (recruiting).


      • The Tick

        Nonsense, I figured out 15 years ago when Lindy’s started this stupid stuff that it was made up quotes. Spotted it right off! Coaches would never really talk that way when they know they’re being interviewed (even with knowing their identity is being shielded). This is Lindy’s attempt to make it sound like coach-speak … or off-the-cuff coach-speak. But it comes across as forced cliche. I figure many of their readers can see through it.


    • AugDawg

      Welp we’ve found Gus Malzahn’s burner account


    • 81Dog

      Spoiler alert: it’s all Dan Mullen. 😉


  4. Uglydawg.

    I’ve never cared for cats.
    I’ve never cared for news people who quote “anonymous sources” either.
    Hard to guess which coach made each remark…are they necessarily Head coaches or could some of these remarks be coming from assistants?


  5. 92 grad

    Seems to me that the biggest thing P5 coaches have in common is being a raging asshole.


  6. ASEF

    Geez, Bluto. A billion posts on the lack of self awareness in coaches and ADs, and at some point we should all realize it’s a core competency for college athletics. I doubt that genuinely self aware people could last that long in the enterprise.


  7. Lol. Dey skerred.


  8. RandallPinkFloyd

    The Oklahoma comment makes me chuckle. All you need is a Heisman Trophy winning qb and one of the best offensive minds in all of football and you can score some points on Kirby’s defense.

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  9. doofusdawg



  10. Go Dawgs!

    That has to be Dan Mullen. It has the definite air of a person with no chance in a fight trying to convince himself he’s got a chance in the fight.

    By the way, that Oklahoma game was on New Year’s Day 2018, a full 8 months before UGA played another game in the Southeastern Conference. You’d think that would be enough time for the other teams to study that “blueprint” and put it into action, but I didn’t really see anyone else shred Georgia’s defense the way Baker Mayfield did… in the first half. Seems like that anonymous coach (cough, cough, Dan Mullen) forgot what Georgia’s defense did in the second half and overtime of that game.

    And if this coach wants to believe that what happened in the Sugar Bowl was anything less than an uninterested team having its pants pulled down by a team that was very interested, then I invite him to keep right on thinking that. And, not for nothing, Coach Mullen, Georgia lost that game 28-21. If that’s getting your butt beat, I’d like to hear how you describe what Georgia has done to Florida the last two years.

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  11. 4th & Kirby

    Sounds like Scott Cochran is the coach being interviewed. Low IQ alert.

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  12. siskey

    The Athlon anonymous coach is much more complimentary of UGA.


  13. Texas “shredded” that defense because our best pass rusher was injured, our freshman All-America nose tackle was injured, and our Jim Thorpe Award winner decided the game was meaningless. That defense was also put into multiple short field situations due to our offense that had its head up its collective backside the entire game.


  14. CB

    Senator, I’m sure you’ve at least hinted at your take at some point, but how did you digest the Sugar Bowl loss? Do you believe that it was nbd because the players lacked motivation and didn’t care, or was it an actual cause for concern in spite of the long list of national contenders falling victim to the exact same circumstance after missing out on a title shot?


    • I don’t know if I’d say no big deal, but it was clear that motivation was lacking from the top down.


      • I thought it was a big deal because it was a face plant type of loss. Given the way our guys ran their mouths on social media after the playoff semifinals, I was disappointed in the game plan and the effort. If we had come out and taken our frustrations out on Texas rather than on Twitter, I think there would have been a lot of the talking heads stating after the season that Georgia deserved a shot rather than all the shots those same talking heads deservedly took at us.


        • Doug

          There’s precedent for this sort of thing, though. I call it the “K-State Effect” after Kansas State had a dream season, lost the Big XII championship game, fell all the way from the national title game to the Alamo Bowl, and lost a stunner to an unranked, unheralded Purdue team. Some teams that don’t get the bowl bid they think they deserve “take their frustrations out” on their bowl opponent, but many more mope around and lose games they should win going away. Think 2008 Alabama, who blew a lead and lost to Tebow in the SECCG, then lost by two TDs to a Utah team they should’ve annihilated on talent alone. Hell, Alabama again in 2013, losing a national title shot thanks to the “Kick Six” and then getting embarrassed by Oklahoma in the Sugar Bowl. Not making excuses—we played like disphits against Texas, and it was embarrassing—but the emotions of 19- and 20-year-old kids are hard to predict. For every player who’s mad about his bowl destination and decides he’s got something to prove, there’s another, maybe two, who can’t get out of sulk mode.


      • Tony Barnfart

        What got me the most, and shows why the regular season is actually the most valuable part of the season and should never be a a mere prelude to the underwhelming bowl season, is that we had THAT big non-conf game that we all yearn for.

        Within weeks/months of this game, the inter webs get fired up about games in the 2030s, but when given the exact same game on 30 days notice we act like we’re playing UCF in the liberty bowl. Highlights how much the non-playoff bowl season is an anti-climactic vacuum of nothingness.


  15. FlyingPeakDawg

    Coach O has the better blueprint for how to beat us. They did jam the ball down our throat on offense at times, but shutting down our offense is the real key.