Today, in meow, Part Two

Let’s turn our attention north, to Knoxville, where I’m just gonna leave you with this astute observation:

“Jeremy lucked out getting rid of Tyson Helton and hiring Jim Chaney,” the coach said. “I think he’s the best, most proven offensive coordinator in the league. I think Jim is outstanding. If Jeremy will leave him alone, Jim will be fine.”


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10 responses to “Today, in meow, Part Two

  1. Salty Dawg

    Something tells me that Chaney is not going to be left alone by Fat Fill or Germy (not a typo and it stays) and I can’t wait to see how that goes. They can all wallow in a sea of donuts for all I care.


  2. Whiskeydawg

    “If Jeremy will leave him alone, Jim will be fine.”
    Yes, just remember Jim, always have someone walk you to your car. Only receive a visit with a family member present. Do you have the pepper spray that Kirby gave you?


  3. Greg

    HA!!…better check his record. Outside of Brees and Fromm, don’t think his offenses have been too productive. Thinks it will be tough for him in Knoxville.


    • Ricky McDurden

      At last glance, I don’t think Tennessee has one of those two guys running out of the tunnel for them any time soon, either.


  4. DavetheDawg

    If Tennessee has any 1st and goal opportunities from our one-yard-line, I’d say we have ’em right where we want ’em.


  5. Go Dawgs!

    I believe Jeremy Pruitt will leave Chaney alone. I’m not sure that I believe Phil Fulmer will.

    That said, he’s right, Chaney’s a great hire. He did a good job here at Georgia. There was room for improvement, though, and I hope that Coley is going to bring that improvement.


  6. W Cobb Dawg

    Chaney’s career is a long string of mediocre seasons when he didn’t have an offense fitted out with 5-star talent. He struggled even when he had Sony and Chubb in 2016. Other than the past 2 seasons his BEST years have been in the 6 to 8 win range. The Arky and Pitt offenses improved after Chaney left. I don’t get the reverence when you look at that total body of work.


    • Merk

      He also loses having Pittman’s O-line. Guess his scheme is so good it wont matter. I mean, heck, he out schemed himself out of scoring from the goal line.


  7. The ut’s oc has a history of moving on, quickly…as long as ut is writing tho$e check$, jim is ca$shing those check$…in fact, he might get let go cause the hc was cut loose first…


    • Got Cowdog

      Truth. That fan base is pretty rabid (and delusional). I wonder how long they’ll let JP hang around if UGA, UK, and Vandy continue to hose them. Alabama is foregone. They could easily also lose to MSU, UF, and Mizzou. I think they’ll beat SC.
      I wonder how warm JP’s seat will be if that happens.