Business is booming.

Thank you very much.

Revenue generated from Georgia football tickets zoomed up $11.6 million from a year ago.

The Athletic Association reported $33.02 million as of April, a jump from $21.4 million a year earlier, according to figures provided to its board of directors during the spring meeting Thursday at The King and Prince & Golf Resort.

Georgia attributed that to an increase in ticket prices that went into effect for the 2018 season and an additional home game—seven total–last year.

“I think we knew that tickets would sell out,” athletic director Greg McGarity said. “Our track record there with the way our donors have supported us, we’ve always sold out season tickets. They’re gone again. There’s a waiting list. Our fans have just been phenomenal in their response.”

Season ticket holders saw a hike of $25 for power five conference opponents to $75 per ticket and $5 more for other games to $55.

I doesn’t take a particular genius to squeeze a willing market, but I’m sure McGarity would argue that point.  In any event, he’s certainly covered Kirby’s raise.


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10 responses to “Business is booming.

  1. Not to mention what basketball did this year.


  2. Mayor

    Having an additional home game helps too, with both the bottom line and the fan base.


  3. CB

    Business is Kirbying

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  4. Hunkering Hank

    I really cannot stand McGarity. I think it’s the words he uses and the way he talks combined with the content of his communications. Can we get a Kirby-like person to be AD?


    • TXBaller

      McGarity will soon own this blog – run it professionally with a no nonsense approach – rid it of unwanted pop-ups – and charge $$ accordingly. And you’ll be happy about it!

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  5. Harold Miller

    On a completely unrelated note. I see the alcohol ban is up for discussion in Destin this week. Can you imagine a Beer Garden behind the west end zone? Creature Comforts on tap at Sanford Stadium? I know I’m reaching,but a guy can dream can’t he?

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  6. Macallanlover

    Hope we don’t have to hear McDoofus’ version of “I’m open for bidness, and bidness is good”.


  7. Should UGA’s upcoming ‘crootin’ class finish top 4, maybe 2ish…Kirby gonna’ need A BIGGER ‘CROOTIN’ lounge…there in lies your 2021 and going forward season ticket increases…