“I said, ‘shit, it’s gonna be easier.'”

Brent Key claims he’s going to have an easier time recruiting at Georgia Tech compared to what he had at Alabama.

No, really.

That is the sound of a man trying as hard to convince himself as he is everyone on the recruiting trail.


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25 responses to ““I said, ‘shit, it’s gonna be easier.'”

  1. dawgxian

    But look at all those 3 stars he’s got committed


  2. Bulldog Joe

    “Clear eyes, full stomachs, can’t lose!”

    Waffle House U.

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  3. Jtp03

    Isn’t this the same piece of shit that tweeted about getting and losing great men when they got a recruit the same day a player passed away?

    Yeah, scatter, smother, and fuck this guy.


  4. Greg

    Have wondered if we have seen the last of 70-80% of UGA’s roster being from the home state. Seems like it is getting less and less each year, more national now.

    If that is the case, could be opening the door for GT.


  5. FlyingPeakDawg

    Thank you gnats. Paul The Johnson was truly getting tired, boring and creating some rust on the shine of COFH. But you did what you needed to do…fired the genius and brought in a new crew to mock, ridicule and bring back the luster of COFH. Thank you.


  6. Tatum

    The bullshit is strong with this one.


  7. JCDawg83

    Everything I hear coming out of tech makes me want to ask the nerd coaching staff “are you trying to convince me or you?”.


  8. Salty Dawg

    Yeah, ok then.


  9. Spike

    Eyes rolling…


  10. CPark58

    Just keep saying it. The more you say it the quicker you believe it. The longer you believe it, the stronger you believe it. It still won’t be true by any objective measure but it can be YOUR truth. Good luck with that.


  11. PTC DAWG

    GT appreciate the pub.


    • CPark58

      Good point, we’re playing right into their hands. Revenge of the Nerds 2 came out in ‘87 and they capitalized on that recruiting momentum as that freshman class went on to tie for a MNC in 1990.


  12. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    It will be easier for him recruiting. Expectations at Tech are much lower than they are at Bama. That’s just a fact.


  13. spur21

    Funny “what’s the first thing you do in the morning when you wake up” I may be in the minority but usually I take a piss. Guess that guy picks up his phone.


  14. Texas Dawg

    I think he is correct. When he was at Alabama, he was after 4 and 5 stars and having to compete against UGA, LSU, Clemson and the likes to try and reel in that very limited select bunch. At GT he is competing against Georgia State, Georgia Southern and Appalachian State for a VERY large pool of 2 and 3 stars with the very occasional low 4 star that falls through the cracks.


  15. Cojones

    Saw where a new recruit was trying to decide between UGA and GT. Would imagine his choice is whether to play right away on a shitty team or desiring to compete with the best for time on the field.

    When someone figures out how he got down to UGA and GT as his final two teams, please let this old fart know.


    • BMan

      Man, he sure is lucky to be recruiting at Tech with all that fancy state of the art technology like cell phones and microphones. UGA and Bama have to get some of that. Tech will use artificial intelligence to supplement their coaching staff and we’ll look like a Snuffy Smith cartoon. Gawd, Kirby, gitcha one o’ them mo-bile phones!


  16. Milledge Hall

    Two questions…….
    1. What type of engineering degree did he get????
    2. Did the dumbass trade school graduate just compare crootn’ to shaving??


  17. Doug

    [insert Jennifer Lawrence “sure, bro” gif here]


  18. Union Jack

    I think we have buried the lede … according to Key Tuscaloosa doesn’t have modern technology like microphones, mobile phones or remote controls.