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Name that caption, surf and turf edition

What’s the opposite of sex on the beach?

Have at it in the comments.


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“Vetting”? I do not think that word means what you think it means.

Dude, just say you wanted to hire Briles and didn’t care about the rest of it.  You’ll look less moronic.

This is why ADs hire search firms, by the way.



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Such a tease

I hope everyone realizes he’s not directing that comment towards us, but towards the City of Jacksonville.

In other words,


UPDATE:  Message received, apparently.


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Times are different, Gator edition

Ah, the good ol’ days

But the offseason has been far from smooth. Freshman quarterback Jalon Jones was accused of sexual battery by two women in April, although they declined to press charges. He has since left the program. Gators defensive back Brian Edwards was arrested and charged with battery in May. There was also the highly publicized transfer of Chris Steele, an ESPN 300 cornerback and early enrollee. Mullen came across as tone-deaf when he defended the way he has handled the incidents, saying at a booster tour stop in Tampa earlier this month it’s hard to say he has a zero-tolerance policy against domestic violence when he has given out second chances in the past.

Florida has been through this before, most notably when Urban Meyer was head coach and Mullen served as an assistant. The climate is much different today than it was in 2008, and there is far more scrutiny on coaches when they do give out second chances — even if Mullen keeps winning.

Plus, Huntley Johnson has been fighting with the school.

Man, life used to be so much easier in Gainesville.


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Don’t get too comfortable, boys.

For the first time in over a decade, every SEC head football coach returns in his job.  Which means there is only one question to ask:

So what’s in store for the SEC? Who really knows. Saban turns 68 in October, but he and his new hip show no signs of slowing. Arkansas, Florida, Mississippi State, Texas A&M and Tennessee, as mentioned, just made new hires a year ago. Kirby Smart at Georgia is as secure as nearly anyone. Orgeron at LSU, Barry Odom at Missouri and Mark Stoops at Kentucky each got contract extensions following successful 2018 seasons. That leaves four on shakier ground by comparison: Matt Luke (Ole Miss), Will Muschamp (South Carolina), Malzahn (Auburn) and Mason (Vanderbilt).

Do you think they all make it back for 2020?


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‘Second Tier’

The SEC, where negative recruiting just means more.

Richard McIntosh could feel himself burning when the text message arrived on his phone. It was a picture of what he was told was an Alabama staff recruiting list that had his youngest son in a less-than-flattering place entering the 2018 season.

“The list had a lot of names on it,” Richard McIntosh said, “and Kenny’s was listed under ‘Second Tier.’ ”

… But for this list to come up, purportedly from the desk of an Alabama staff member, was something different.

Gee, I wonder how that got out.

The bonus topper is that ‘Bama wound up signing a kid who was listed as “3rd Tier.”


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It’s a damned shame, Gus.

Since when did Nick Saban become so understanding about life’s little inconveniences?

While any tangible rule changes are unlikely, especially after the league made it easier for student-athletes to transfer in and out of the conference in prior years, coaches and administrators will inevitably discuss ways the SEC can be more proactive in addressing some key issues associated with the new transfer model.

“Look, whatever the rules are, that’s what we have to live with,” Alabama’s Nick Saban said last month. “So we’re just hopeful that we do a good job for our players and they stay committed to our program and doing the things that they need to do to be successful.”

I mean, this is a guy who raged and schemed against the hurry up no huddle offense for a couple of years.  Why so mellow now, Nick?

Still, other SEC programs haven’t been so lucky, including at rival Auburn, where 11 total players have submitted their names into the portal, including sophomore quarterback Malik Willis, who found himself on the outside looking in on the battle to be the Tigers’ starter this spring. Willis remains in limbo without a solid landing spot, while others like offensive tackle Calvin Ashley, defensive tackle Jauntaivus Johnson, cornerback Cam’Ron Kelly and running back Asa Martin have already transferred to Florida Atlantic, Colorado, North Carolina and Miami, respectively.



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“This is a potentially profound outcome.”

I’m not convinced that, on its own, California’s Fair Pay to Play Act represents an existential threat to the NCAA.  Emmert and his cohorts have played the hardass card more times than I can count and contrary to McCann’s speculation, I can see them telling California schools and the Pac-12 it’s their problem to sort out, not the NCAA’s.

But that’s one state statute in isolation.  What has the potential to represent an existential threat is if several jurisdictions, including Congress, follow suit.  There are only so many places the NCAA can say talk to the hand before it becomes impossible to sustain.

That’s why the most important part of California’s impending legislation is that it doesn’t take effect until Jan. 1, 2023.  Can the NCAA take a hint?


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“I used to love them, now I want to kill them.”

Son, your first mistake was assuming Ryan Day was on the up and up about his quarterback recruiting.

“I get it’s a business, but it always sucks being lied to,” McCarthy said. “And that’s kind of where the rivalry started for me. And the hatred. But what are you going to do? It’s a business and they have to do what they have to do. They lied to my face, but it’s all good now.”

This is college football.


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Musical palate cleanser, back to the well one more time edition

This is the first time I’ve re-posted a song.

It’s not so much that the song is that special, but the backstory is compelling enough that the resolution is worth sharing.

Speaking as he received a lifetime achievement prize at the Ivor Novello Awards, Ashcroft announced: “As of last month, Mick Jagger and Keith Richards signed over all their publishing for Bitter Sweet Symphony, which was a truly kind and magnanimous thing for them to do.”

As a result, all future royalties for the song will now go to Ashcroft.

The singer acknowledged that it was the Rolling Stones’ late manager, Allen Klein, who had been responsible for the situation, rather than the musicians themselves.

“I never had a personal beef with the Stones,” he told the BBC. “They’ve always have been the greatest rock and roll band in the world.”

He went on to thank Jagger and Richards for acknowledging he was responsible “for this [expletive] masterpiece”.

Very nice of Mick and Keef, although I don’t think they’ll miss any meals for the gesture.


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