It’s a damned shame, Gus.

Since when did Nick Saban become so understanding about life’s little inconveniences?

While any tangible rule changes are unlikely, especially after the league made it easier for student-athletes to transfer in and out of the conference in prior years, coaches and administrators will inevitably discuss ways the SEC can be more proactive in addressing some key issues associated with the new transfer model.

“Look, whatever the rules are, that’s what we have to live with,” Alabama’s Nick Saban said last month. “So we’re just hopeful that we do a good job for our players and they stay committed to our program and doing the things that they need to do to be successful.”

I mean, this is a guy who raged and schemed against the hurry up no huddle offense for a couple of years.  Why so mellow now, Nick?

Still, other SEC programs haven’t been so lucky, including at rival Auburn, where 11 total players have submitted their names into the portal, including sophomore quarterback Malik Willis, who found himself on the outside looking in on the battle to be the Tigers’ starter this spring. Willis remains in limbo without a solid landing spot, while others like offensive tackle Calvin Ashley, defensive tackle Jauntaivus Johnson, cornerback Cam’Ron Kelly and running back Asa Martin have already transferred to Florida Atlantic, Colorado, North Carolina and Miami, respectively.



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5 responses to “It’s a damned shame, Gus.

  1. TXBaller

    Bru McCoy hit the transfer portal & transferred into Texas prior taking a snap at USC this spring….participated in UT’s spring practice….and is now reportedly transferring back to USC. This now amusing to watch.

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  2. Macallanlover

    I think his comments on most subjects affecting CFB are pretty balanced. Certainly don’t agree with all of them, but it should be expected that he wants things that aren’t detrimental to his own program. He has done a great job of not only attracting top athletes but keeping them patient for playing time. That will change as the portal mess becomes more ingrained but look at the number of Auburn and Florida players are testing the waters without a comparable “talent backlog”. The man is doing a helluva job by any measurement, imo.


    • Got Cowdog

      I agree. Nick Saban is THE coach to beat in CFB. The next post about Kenny McIntosh speaks to what Saban has done: “Everybody wants an Alabama offer”
      And to what Kirby is doing….Welcome to the Team, Kenny. They don’t call it “Running Back U” for nothing.


  3. Mayor

    Those who live by the transfer die by the transfer.


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