He’s got you under his skin.

Kirby got an interesting question yesterday.

“Jimbo would have done the same thing. Jimbo is as competitive as they are. He’s going to recruit for Texas A&M and I’m going to recruit for Georgia. If we cross paths, we cross paths. I have no exception to what Jimbo says.”

Well, now.  Hadn’t heard about that kerfuffle.  So what, pray tell, did Jimbo say, exactly?

In the days leading up to the 72-hour signing period last December, Fisher and the Aggies had to fend off a late push from Georgia for Zach Calzada, a 3-star quarterback recruit roughly an hour west from the Bulldogs’ campus in Athens.

After A&M signed Calzada, Fisher had some strong comments about the battle that also led to some inferred points about Georgia coach Kirby Smart…

Georgia came in late on Calzada after freshman Justin Fields announced his decision to transfer. Fields landed at Ohio State. When Fisher was asked about Calzada last December, the A&M coach said some of the recruitment was “unnecessary and ridiculous” to the point of deception.

Fisher said he refuted any doubts and half-truths Calzada may have been told at the end of the process.

“There’s always a little twist to the story from the other side, you know what I mean, that always puts the doubt in their mind,” said Fisher, who also said he wasn’t a “dog-and-pony recruiter.”

Good to see it’s nothing personal.  I’m sure Jimbo’s never resorted to anything like that.

Elite recruiting, like politics, ain’t bean bag.  Kirby’s probably got a goal to make every rival program complain about his tactics.


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14 responses to “He’s got you under his skin.

  1. Hopefully, by the time we get into the 4th quarter, Jimbo and this kid will be getting a good look at UGA’S 3rd string QB moving up and down the field on them – with the ball in the air – just to make a point.


  2. Salty Dawg

    Let the complaining begin! It warms my soul. GATA Kirby!


  3. dawgtired

    “the A&M coach said some of the recruitment was “unnecessary and ridiculous” to the point of deception.”

    I’m assuming Jimbo is saying that the ‘deception’ part is the unnecessary part. I doubt if Kirby had to use any deception to try to pull anyone to UGA. UGA is an attraction all its own. If there were anything negative to say, in regards to UGA being a better place than TA&M, it was most likely true.


  4. ClydeBoogie

    I think Kirby is channeling that outstanding poet from Half Baked. Nasty Nate and telling Jumbo and Every sec coach (Saban too) “gimme yo fruit cocktail” ha ha! Take it Kirby take it!!


  5. ugafidelis

    Not to worry. Jimbi will be out sliming all of ’em before too long.


  6. Doug

    You mean…the players I’m recruiting…are being recruited by OTHER teams too? This is an outrage and I won’t stand for it!


  7. W Cobb Dawg

    Sorry Jimbo, but none of your recruits are safely in the barn if Kirby has an opening he wants to fill.


  8. ChiliDawg

    There’s something off about Jimbo. He had positioned himself at FSU perfectly to be the dominant program in the state and that conference and somehow pissed that down the drain. I don’t know where he went wrong there but it’s clear he left right before the collapse that he engineered. Makes you wonder.


    • The Dawg abides

      Maybe getting cucked by an ex-gator WR/personal trainer took some of the starch out of his collar.


  9. Spike

    Kirby needs to give him a wedgie..


  10. AceDawg

    Jimbo in his final year at FSU vs. Jimbo otherwise – Maybe he’s trying both approaches out.