Turnabout is fair play.

Been there, done that, Notre Dame fans.

Although Notre Dame’s Sept. 21 visit to Georgia is still four months away, the game is already shaping up as an all-timer from a demand standpoint. No game on the 2019 college football schedule is fetching a higher ticket price on the secondary market than the Fighting Irish’s first-ever trip to Sanford Stadium.

The cheapest seats available on VividSeats.com on Tuesday evening ran a cool $407, and that was to sit in the 600 level in the upper reaches of the 92,746-seat stadium. That asking price was $130 more than that for the next-closest game – the cheapest seats for Alabama at Auburn were $277 – and yet some sellers are asking far more for their tickets to see the Bulldogs host the Golden Domers. Of the 273 individual seats or sets of tickets for sale on Vivid Seats’ site Tuesday, 115 sellers (or 42%) were asking for $1,000 or more per seat.

Hey, the Braves are in town, too!  Maybe y’all can get together and take over SunTrust Park for a night while you’re here.


UPDATE:  You heard it here first.


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21 responses to “Turnabout is fair play.

  1. My wife and I are trying to get our kids up to Athens for a proper tailgate, but we have no plans (currently, anyway) to get tickets as they’re going to be so expensive.


  2. Got Cowdog

    Y’all reckon Sanford will be loud?


  3. Union Jack

    So if it is a night game then CBS is passing on the game? They only get one 8 pm choice right?


  4. Dawg93

    It may not be a takeover of Suntrust Park but I do know that the Irish Express (the bus/tailgate service we took from Chicago to South Bend 2 years ago) is planning a similar deal for Notre Dame fans for the game this year for the game in Athens (https://www.irishexpress.com/nd-fighting-irish-georgia-bulldogs-september-21-2019/) where they will take in the Braves game Friday night and then bus over to Athens on Saturday for the football game.

    They were good folks who treated us well. Their tailgate was way better than the Dawg Days tailgate.


  5. Bob

    If they only get one game, for sure they will take UGA-ND over LSU at Bama. No doubt about it. Irish easily outdraw Bama nationally and CBS hardly ever gets to televise ND games.


  6. I get people can do with their tickets as they please, but if you aren’t going to the game, try not to sell your tickets to ND fans.


  7. KornDawg

    The Braves aren’t fools, they have a Notre Dame hat promotion for the day after the UGA/ND game.


  8. bcdawg97

    Not that ND fans aren’t excited after their season last year, but to me from our tailgate group discussions, the early consensus is that it is Dawg fans trying to scoop up the ND tix and driving the price, mostly fans who didn’t make it to South Bend originally.


    • Tony Barnfart

      That would be my hunch as well. While I think we’re super duper special, Notre Dame’s lifetime of national scheduling flexibility probably leaves them less enamored with what everybody else considers a novelty.


      • tiredofidsearch

        While that is true, Notre dame travels well and have fans all over the country.
        Trust me there will be no shortage of ND fans if they can get tickets.


  9. ChiliDawg

    Jesus, Barnfart… are you fucking with us now?


    • Capt. Tony of the S.S. Obvious knows something…he’s got some inside scoop… it’s beyond me how he remains calm with so much speculation swirling about, with all that cfb knowledge…he is so….so…..so……intuitive!


  10. practicaldawg

    I thought about selling our tickets and buying a small island nation, but there’s no way I’m missing this.

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  11. Salty Dawg

    Off topic – but you have been on fiah today, Senator! Keep ’em coming!


  12. 79Dawg

    Seriously, I mentioned this a few weeks ago, and a few folks on here were telling me it was not gonna happen…. Enjoy those eggs fellas!