“… and people think if I’m saying something that I must be trying to jab at one school or the other.”

Shorter Dan Mullen:  I did not have trolling relations with that football program.


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  1. heyberto

    Backtracking Sumbitch.


  2. Go Dawgs!

    Looks like ol’ Dan looked at his roster and then looked at ours and realized that the bill was going to come due November 2nd.

    Seriously, though, what a candy ass. You made your little numerology joke, you made your little Justin Fields joke, be a man and stand by them. You’re on the bulletin board either way and Kirby is going to be gunning for you and your team hard either way. You might as well at least stand by what you said. What a punk.


    • Jeff Sanchez


      All this.


    • Doug

      Agreed on both counts—that Mullen isn’t quite as confident as he was before his roster started collapsing, and that if he’s gonna troll, he should own up to it. Fuck Steve Spurrier with a broom handle sideways, now and forever, but at least he owned every bit of his trash talk whether he won or lost.

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  3. Jim

    That was some serious weak sauce from Mullen. And all the talk about the rivalry being great because both teams are always competing for championships smacks of somebody trying to convince himself he is relevant.


  4. Pacific plate

    Made it to Regret sooner than i thought he would and already announcing it publicly


  5. Sweet D

    I didn’t realize MS and OM weren’t rivals until he became head coach there “many years ago”. Good on Dan for jump starting that natural rivalry.


  6. Dopey Dan realizes he can’t cover the large check his mouth has written. Now he’s asking Kirby to send it back to him.

    November 2 is coming …


  7. Yurdle

    Anybody can throw a slant, right Dan?

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  8. He’s so full of shit.


  9. 81Dog

    Sow the wind, reap the asswhipping in Jacksonville. You opened this can up, Danny, now you’re gonna have to finish it all.


  10. Texas Dawg

    November 2nd was already circled on the calendar. Now it is circled, highlighted, with stars drawn around it. I will be pissed if we don’t crush them by at least 4 TDs (more would be much better).


  11. RangerRuss

    What a weasel. Kirby and the Dawgs will make Mullet pay for his indiscretions. Meanwhile Kanell and Bianchi continue to spew their vile insults with impunity. Those three are pissing me off.


  12. Navin Johnson

    I reiterate.:

    I’m going 38, Dan.


  13. CPark58

    Clown. Coaching equivalent to Sakerlina.

    FTMF 42-14


  14. PTC DAWG

    HOLES…there are rules.


  15. Hobnail_Boot


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  16. Argondawg

    He has definitely turned the volume up a notch and that is fine. We don’t have to worry about our kids not being 100% ready to play when we meet them. On our side it seems like we need to beat their asses for a good decade or so before we will get over the PTSD of this rivalry over the last 20 years. I am old enough to remember when we beat them consistently. I’d like to feel like that again. A third straight would be nice. I think Mullen is an 8-10 win a year coach and that is his ceiling. He really doesn’t like to recruit and is not very good at it. Florida fans are telling themselves that he is a helluva developer of talent. They just sound like us 5 years ago. “You don’t need blue chip players to win.” Well we all know that is bullshit at this point. F#$% Florida


  17. sniffer

    He also seemed to insinuate that his arrival at MSU is the reason there’s a rivalry with Ole Miss


    • Got Cowdog

      I caught that too, or that he rekindled it. Om and MSU been hating each other since long before Sideshow Dan made the scene.


  18. bulldogbry

    So no one called him out regarding his (Justin Fields) transfer comment? I could care less about the attendance troll. I mean, he’s FOS, but we knew that. I would love for a reporter to ask him how he NOW feels about kids transferring after ( or before) one season.


  19. stoopnagle