Lay your money down.

Check out the UGA-UF line.

Considering the Gators have lost the last two games to UGA by 35 and 19 points respectively, either Vegas is seeing a remarkable improvement out of Mullen’s crew, or sensing that a lot of Florida fans are very confident in their team’s chances.


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18 responses to “Lay your money down.

  1. Florida is getting a ton of love off of waxing a disinterested Michigan side.

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  2. By the time we see the Gators, they’ll have at least one SEC lost – perhaps two and I think USCjr. gets them too. That was a veteran Gator club last year, playing a much younger Georgia team. And with Mullen’s mouthing off during the off season…


  3. Got Cowdog

    Senator, are you insinuating that Vegas would shorten a line to play to a fan base in order to draw bettors/increase bet amounts?


    • ChiliDawg

      That’s literally the purpose of setting lines, dude. They don’t make money unless people put money on both sides.


  4. Cousin Eddie

    So it would be UGA -3.5 vs Michigan and a pick’em against Tosu? Or and I reading it wrong?


  5. Cojones

    Don’t know about yall, but I’m pulling up the Golden Nugget and laying a chunk before this line moves too far. I’m going to lay a few on the tease by giving more points to FU as well. Gotta go.


  6. Ken Wilkinson

    Wow. I don’t gamble, but -3.5 to Florida sure is tempting.

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  7. practicaldawg

    This seems to be entirely a bet on Franks. UF’s O line is even more talent-depleted than last year and will start non-5-star freshmen. They also lost a lot on defense, including 2019 class losses to the portal. So I don’t see any improvement anywhere else. Franks will have to have one hell of a season to meet this kind of hype, and he will have to do it behind a thin OL facing elite defenses in UGA, Auburn, and LSU. He will get hit early and often and will have to make plays on his feet and make accurate throws under pressure.


  8. dawgfan1995

    A: “Well, Florida improved against Georgia by 16 points last year. If they improve by 16 points again this year, they’ll only lose by 3.”

    B: “So make the spread 3.5, right?”

    A: “Bingo.”

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  9. TXBaller

    5* wagers
    Oregon +3 Aub
    Clem -17.5 TAMU
    LSU -2 UT
    OU -6.5 UT

    4* wagers
    Mich +3.5 OhioSt
    UGA -3.5 UF
    ND +9.5 UGA


    • Silver Creek Dawg

      Disagree on Clemson. I know the game is at Auburn with a lake, but that’s just too big a number. A&M keeps in inside double digits.


  10. 3rdandGrantham

    I’ve never bet a dime of money in my life….but I’m really tempted to throw down a few thousand on this. Hell maybe 10k if my wife is cool with it.


  11. Bay Area Dawg

    Put money down on:

    Oregon +3 vs Auburn
    Georgia -9.5 vs The Irish
    Georgia -3.5 vs The Swamp Lizards
    Texas A&M +17.5 vs Clemson
    Michigan +3.5 vs Ohio State


  12. vidaliaway

    From the headline, i thought this post was about being able to consume alcohol legally in the stadium. I will hang up and listen.


  13. Tony Barnfart

    This far out the proposition may not hold true, but anything game week that’s close to that 17.5 pts for A&M is usually one of those that seems so crazy and obvious (to take A&M and the points)…that you have to go with Clemson under the contrarian, somebody-knows-something premise. Like a fail to get off the bus beatdown where a pretty good team goes down like 41-10.

    The only flip side being that anything involving the previous years champion could be just mere suckers bait. /gambling