Lines are being drawn.

And scheduling times are being set.

I could really do without a mid-September nooner.  Gonna be a scorcher.


UPDATE:  For you SEC fans out there, here’s the full conference slate for the first three weeks.


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    Not as hot at Noon than at 3-5 or so…


    • ATL Dawg

      Not sure if you know this but a noon game lasts until 3:30 or so.


      • Otto

        Exactly getting out before the highs


        • ATL Dawg

          Yeah, you’re really avoiding blazing heat from noon-3:30.

          And that stuff dermatologists say about avoiding the sun from 11-4 during the summer has always been crap too.


          • JCDawg83

            Hottest game I went to last season was at 3:30 vs Austin Peay. The 2014 Clemson game was one of the hottest I’ve been to and kickoff was at 7:30 or 8:00 if I recall correctly. On September 14th in Athens, it will be hot at 10:00 in the morning and at 10:00 at night. If people don’t want to be hot in Sanford stadium I’d suggest they wait until October before coming to a game.


      • PTC DAWG

        No shit. Temps usually peak after that…unless clouds, or rain..what is rain?


  2. I’ll happily accept the nooner cupcake for having ND at night the next week.

    Our usual plan of Air BnB has fallen through due to market prices rising and having just spent a boatload on our wedding. Anyone know a good van/bus service (not dawg days) from Atlanta that works with you around tailgating/game times? In the past we have always run into issues with “total time” the driver spends in Athens, even if he’s only driving a total of about 3 hours.


  3. If you are going to Athens to watch the Dawgs play Arky State at noon – it may be time to re-evaluate the life decisions that led you to that situation.


  4. Mr. College Football

    Georgia fans: It’s going to be hot for your first two home games.

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  5. 81Dog

    The wages of Ark St are noon steambaths. Thanks, Greg! I’d rather play it at 10am, but it’s gonna be hot either way, noon, 330, 630. Maybe we will get a little cool spell down to the low 90s.


  6. Malcolm x

    Arkansas state at noon. SUCKERS! HAHAHAHAHAHAHA.


  7. Paul

    How did Murray State get scheduled at 4:00? Or even get scheduled at all for that matter? That’s a radio only game. As in, turn the radio down low while I watch an interesting game from the air conditioned comfort of Barcalounger stadium sponsored by Sony 65 inch Ultra HD.


  8. Macallanlover

    I will never understand Yankee thinking, perhaps too many NFL “minds” at Mickey. CFB fans want to see more than the “NFL market team play, we get a free look at our rivals and recruits we didn’t land.

    Why would you give Kentucky the noon slot and put UGA, Auburn, and LSU against each other on the Saturday night opener. You can never spread the games enough with limited time slots, but don’t you want to please your advertisers as best you can? And what a weak opener for the SEC network on Thursday, perfect time for UGA/Vandy, National draw with Georgia, and we would get two extra days of rest and time to work out some kinks. A&M is interesting but against TX State? Oddities in the following weeks as well. Saturday nights are just pure SEC overload every season.


  9. Ed Kilgore

    I kinda wish we had been able to save the daytime start (whether it’s at noon or 4:00) for the Irish, if only to watch them wilt in the 4th quarter. On the other hand, the night game will allow for another UGA flashlight display that will bring back bad memories for ND from South Bend 2017.

    Truth is, as a California Dawg I’m making the long expensive trek to Athens for the Notre Dame game, and I’m afraid a daylight game might melt me, too. High today where I live was 61. Bring on the lights.