Moar 2019 betting lines

Seven Georgia games on that list:

  • -9.5 against Notre Dame
  • -18 against Tennessee
  • -20 against South Carolina
  • -3.5 against Florida
  • -7.5 against Auburn
  • -12.5 against Texas A&M
  • -20.5 against Georgia Tech

I thought that Florida line was a little slim yesterday, but Tech’s less than a three-touchdown underdog?  Hmmmm…

I had to look.  Here’s the margin of victory at BDS since Mark Richt became the head coach:

  • 2001:  14
  • 2003:  17
  • 2005:  7
  • 2007:  14
  • 2009:  6
  • 2011:  14
  • 2013:  7
  • 2015:  6
  • 2017:  31

So, that spread definitely falls outside the average from that period, but how many of those Tech squads were worse than what we’re likely to see this season?



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10 responses to “Moar 2019 betting lines

  1. Macallanlover

    Still feel the FU is the safest bet I have seen on UGA. I rarely bet any line before the season actually begins (other than aa few on opening weekend when we know a little more), but that almost makes me use the L word (lock). We should beat them double digits again in 2019.

    Don’t like the size of most of the others though, and expect them to be closer as the season move along, not saying UGA cannot cover them, just that there will be safer bets available those weekends. I expect the Dawgs to be a very strong team in 2019, and the betting public will keep our spreads high, but KS is a conservative coach and will not unnecessarily drive scores up. He will play the 2s in the 3rd and 4th quarters when he can, and try to shorten the games by running clock. Don’t see this changing much going forward, it is a long season and avoiding injuries is a part of his plan.


  2. GruvenDawg

    Yesterday’s line
    -13 Bama @ AU

    Today’s line
    -7 UGA @ AU

    Looks to me like Vegas has us an early -6 point dog to Bama


    • Macallanlover

      Not necessarily so, match ups are different. As is betting sentiment from the public. Fair to say Bama should, and would, be favored but 3 of the last 4 UGA/Bama clashes ( all of the championship games) have been decided on the last play of the game. UGA has a bigger national base than Auburn (including Montana in this) and better athletes. Depending on what transpires, I think the line would be less than 6 for us versus Bama unless injuries are a big factor at that point. I am not sure they are better than UGA going into the fall.


  3. practicaldawg

    Interesting that Florida is getting 4.5 points against LSU and only 3.5 against UGA. Both of those games will be really bad matchups for Florida’s young OL.


  4. Russ

    TAMU, FU, and ND lines are crazy.


  5. Go Dawgs!

    Georgia should be light years better than Georgia Tech this year. Shouldn’t even be a game that gets played. That said, it is really, really hard for me to bet money to cover a 3 TD spread in a rivalry game, especially six months out with no idea what the injury situation or weather conditions will be. Vegas knows what it’s doing.



    Richt had more close games there than I remembered..

    Dawgs gone beat GT like a rented mule this year.


  7. rickdog

    Tennessee only 2.5 points better than the worst Tech squad in 20+ years? That’s my favorite part of this post.


  8. Cojones

    Beginning to get the idea that the Texas bowl game loss and the players that went to the NFL have tilted the betting houses attitudes towards a weakened UGA team. Their loss, our gain. We are the only ones viewing ourselves as invincible once again, but it hasn’t deterred the thinking of the general sports public about us.

    If you are a betting Dawg, now’s the time to have at it.

    Don’t know what’s laying in the weeds that could color the betting towards a piss-ant FU team, except maybe wholesale anabolic steroids. I figure that Huntley still has some shit to dump in their path unless they pay him 1/2 mil to get off their backs and that may be our ace in the hole to prevent their cheating with drugs.