TFW you really can’t be bothered

This is what the opposite of fan friendly sounds like.

“It’s in a certain space on the 200 level that will be cordoned off for a certain classification of the Magill Society, where they will be able to buy beer and wine with certain restrictions, and it has to be consumed in the area,” McGarity said. “The area overlooks East Campus Road, you can’t even see the game from there.

“We don’t expect people to be hanging out there, because there will be limits placed on the amount one can consume.”

“We don’t expect people to be hanging out there”?  He can speak publicly like that about booze, because booze, but can you imagine what he says about other game day things privately?


UPDATE:  Seth Emerson has the receipts.

Forget about that $25k, then.



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27 responses to “TFW you really can’t be bothered

  1. UGADrake

    Sometimes when I read this stuff, I actually think McGarity despises all of the “little people” who support the school. You want beer? Fine, go drink it in the corner.
    You promise to give us $25k plus other cash for tickets? Thanks, now drink where and how much I say you can, and shut up. He’s the Leona Helmsley of the SEC.

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    • KornDawg

      Reminds me of Andy from The Office: I’m sorry I annoyed you with my friendship. Except in this case, it’s “I’m sorry I annoyed you by paying into the Hartman Fund, buying tickets, dealing with the stupid parking changes, and waiting an entire quarter in line to get concessions at the stadium.”

      Access to beer in the stadium isn’t a big deal to me, I drink enough tailgating, but I think it should be available.


    • Bulldog Joe

      Don’t feel bad. They despise the big shots, too.

      Loyalty means nothing once the money clears.


  2. Mad Mike

    It sure sounds like they’re gonna make it suck so bad that nobody even bothers to buy the booze, just so later he can say, “Well nobody bought it during the trial run, so we don’t see any reason to introduce it to the stadium as a whole.”


    • I think you have hit the nail on the head. I personally won’t buy if it’s made generally available, but he seems to be trying to make it as difficult as possible.


      • Mad Mike

        Yeah, being able to buy beer in the stadium isn’t a big deal to me normally, but crap like this chaps my ass.


  3. JCDawg83

    It says a lot that this alcohol thing shows how BM and McGoo treat the BIGGER donors. Imagine their real thoughts about the rank and file ticket buyers.

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    • Yes – this point exactly. For the most part, the bean-counters have nothing against the rank-and-file guys, but absolutely despise being in a position of debt or gratitude to the big donors. Anyone who threatens the status quo is a threat to an athletics administrator – and the last thing the administrators want is change.


      • UGADrake

        The average bean counter in BM may not hate the average fan, but McGarity and the leadership do. The heavy donors have had access to alcohol for years. They were not the ones clamoring for change. Why would they? Or at a minimum, maybe the ones at the Club Level were. Who knows. I tend to believe that this is a set up for failure like Mad Mike said. He wants to look back and say he offered it and no one took it. He’s shrewd, I will give him that. But it is disgusting.
        As for stadium food at stadium prices, after visiting MBS a number of times, these concession issues can be resolved. I don’t eat concessions at Sanford usually.


        • Cojones

          Right on, UGADrake. This is fan friendly? One can do much better on the roof of the Bioscience Bldg with a cooler of your choice libation, great view and you can look down on the 100k group to see how many are stupid enough to buy a pass to then pay for alcohol drinks. I would look at the attendees to such folderol as more interested in showing their wealth and power/privilege than getting a drink of choice.

          The AD is creating a showoff area for the wealthy and stupid more than any indication of providing anything for those who are not wealthy and want to hobnob in their fan social class that they are creating. What a piece of shit. Hell, I used to drink more as a student in the stadium than they are offering in this amazing opportunity for the UGA upper crust drinking tier they are creating.

          Hey, McGarity, beer hawkers with $5 large cups of beer will do wonders for the fans and the hawkers. They can distribute fairly and curtail fan drunkenness (unless they already are) for a really good experience in Sanford.


        • When Poss was run out of concessions, was the last cash spent on food products from these pockets @ my beloved Sanford Stadium, in fact i’ve purchased more food concessions at Vanderbilt than any other venue….


  4. 79Dawg

    Damn, $100k and no liquor!

    As I said on another thread last week, Sanford Stadium simply does not have the resources, infrastructure or labor force to handle alcohol sales on any level of scale. And the amount of investment it would take to make it workable is absurd and not worth the effort.


    • JCDawg83

      At this point, Sanford Stadium does not have the resources, infrastructure or labor force to handle soft drink, peanuts, nachos and pizza sales. The problem generally doesn’t concern me because I rarely buy any concessions during the game. I find it to be no problem to go 3 or so hours without eating anything and I don’t see stadium food at stadium prices as a dining option that appeals to me.


  5. willypmd

    People who donate perfectly good money to this athletic department are insane to me.

    Product is better at home, food and drink are better at home, and I can scalp tickets for considerably cheaper than donation + face to most games all without the condescension and general lack of awareness displayed by the AD.

    I enjoy the game day experience, but damn do they make it hard on the fans.


  6. WNCDawg

    Let me ponder…….. eh $100,000 divided by a case of beer cost. I think that’s about 6,675 cases of beer. Hmmmm that’s about 18 cases of beer a day for a year. Ya’ll let me know how things go in the 200 section…. I be watching in the man cave, perhaps the SEC network or CBS will scan over that section so we can see how McGoo’s Club enjoys those 12:00 and 4:00 start times


    • Read the fine print – $100K just lets you REQUEST access. To be GUARANTEED access you are going to have to be at $250K. I cant do that math but we are now in down-payment -on-beach-house-used solely-for-UGA-game-watching, or offshore-watercraft-with-SAT-TV-and-hookers territory.

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      • Got Cowdog

        If you have 2 beers per quarter at 7 home games that works out to about $4500 a beer for the first year? Of course they(beers) become an exponentially better value each ensuing year…assuming no further donations and excluding ticket and point of sale cost.


      • Tony Barnfart

        Damn, those hookers have gotten expensive. What is the world coming to ?!?!


  7. W Cobb Dawg

    Other than carrying the check to the bank, is there any aspect of the job that Greg Mediocrity doesn’t suck at? Kirby must have fits dealing with this wooden head.


  8. Bulldog Joe

    Donated to the university for decades of support?

    No. You can’t tailgate or park near North Campus anymore.

    Donated enough for Magill Society?

    No. You can’t have Magill Society benefits.

    Donated $100,000?

    Yes. Request access to the Magill Society area but no we may not let you in.

    Donated $250,000?

    Yes. Can enter but you pay for your beer and no you can’t see the game.

    Who else does business this way?


  9. Dawg19

    McGarity explains it better here:


  10. Cousin Eddie

    Will the boy scouts be pouring the beers? nothing like putting down $250 large for a volunteer to have you waiting in line for a stale warm beer. Yep sounds like a winner.


  11. Mick Jagger

    While all of this is being heaped on McG (as it should be), I used to enjoy Bulldog Club meetings and Picture Day – both killed as we knew them by KS – as I am one of the “little people” who can’t make a large contribution – although my love of the Dawgs is just as deep.

    Sorry about the run on sentence – just pissed.


    • UGADrake

      Don’t worry Mick. An amateur athlete’s time is very valuable to the school. The idea the school allowing them to show up any event for “free” is TERROR! According to policy, some sort of revenue must be generated for BM when players appear on behalf of UGA. After all, they are amateurs, not employees (wink wink)


  12. Mick Jagger

    It’s true, Drake, I can’t get no satisfaction …….


    • Cojones

      Now, if us minions get together for a Saturday Dawg Club in a big ole’ place with many widescreen views to hep’ us cheer them on and about 60 different cold beer spigots to cheer us on….

      The only places that fit that description near me are in Tallahassee. Years ago there was an active Dawg cheering group there, no more. Anyone wish to begin organizing for a S.Ga/N.Fl game day group there?