“Shout out to Kirby for pushing Dan’s shit in once again”

The Swamp247 message board may be my new favorite place on the Intertubes.

I’m still having a hard time getting used to the complete 180 both fan bases’ psyches have done over the past two years.  Then again, I kinda hope I never do.


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  1. Jack Klompus

    The taste of Gator tears is amazing. Having been a long-term subscriber of the 247 board, I have strong memories of all the similar comments. We’d get trolled by kids constantly- hopes up only to have them dashed with them committing to AU, UF, Bama and even UT. Although I will say, we didn’t seem quite as hopeless as those fans.

    Side note- I canceled my subscription to 247. There is absolutely no information that gets leaked or comes out of Kirby’s regime. Pre-Kirbs, there was constant info coming out, but no longer. That plus Gentry Estes doesn’t write for them any longer (I know it’s been a long time!) and he was the best they had. Jake is solid, but Gentry was/is a true pro. Dawgnation is as informed as the “insiders” there.


    • litedawg1968

      That reminds me , I need to go call and cancel my subscription as well. I never use UGA 24/7 for anything. I’m more of a UGAsports.com kinda fella.


    • Ben

      Is Gentry Estes writing for us anywhere? Or is he still on the Louisville beat?


    • ChiliDawg

      I canceled quite awhile ago. It’s not worth the money. You can get as much info off of Twitter for free as they’re selling as premium content. I’d much rather spend the same money on the Athletic and get to read an actual GOOD writer like Seth Emerson’s coverage of Georgia than the excuse-for-a-writer at 247. It’s a far cry below the quality they had with Gentry and Seth. Basically a 247 sub is just a sub to talk to the idiots that populate their forum.


  2. Salty Dawg

    LOL! The message board equates Kirby to the school bully who steals Dan’s lunch money! GATA, Kirbs!


  3. Corch Irvin Meyers New USC Trojans Corch (2020)

    The constant meltdown by Gators fans has been glorious to see. I’m not on 247, but just on Twitter, SDS, and other sites… it’s glorious! What’s the most fun are those Gators fans who wish Sideshow Dan would just shut up, and then the others who irrationally defend him, defend his idiotic trash talk, and defend his ability to “coach them up,” based on… what again? Taking MSU to number one behind a generational QB, then losing 3 of their next 4 badly? His terrible record vs. top-25 teams? Maybe it’s his below .500 SEC record?

    Either way… hilarious! I hope Sideshow Dan NEVER LEAVES!

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  4. Muttley

    The eternal musical question- “Gators, Gators, how’d ya like to kiss my ass?”, which had become purely rhetorical for a while there, is once again getting answered.

    The consensus from that thread seems to be: not much.

    But let’s keep askin’.


  5. DawgByte

    This was fun: “Kirby is literally telling these kids to show interest in Florida and then has them pull the trigger and commit to Georgia just to troll us. Sickening how Florida is getting GOT by Kirby.”


  6. St. Johns Dawg

    Yep, fun times right now. I fully admit I was in denial of the gator nation rising up from 1990-1994 … And then I sat in Sanford Stadium that fateful, sunny day and watched a better coached, better athlete UF team dismantle the dawgs. It was then I knew all the glory-days history in the world would make no difference once the whistle blew against those guys. Of course we stole one in 1997 when Spurrier dealt with some minor roster management stuff after winning the Natty the year before. Then 2001 came and I thought we’d start getting the kind of players that could compete. Turns out we really needed a coach that was pissed off enough to make beating that team a priority. A coach that lost to UF 3 out of 4 times. Hail Kirby.

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  7. GruvenDawg

    I have this running update on another board that was initially started as a joke. This may be why their fans psyche has taken a 180. They are slowly realizing Sideshow Dan isn’t the answer. Shared for fellow UGA fan’s schadenfreude.

    March 3: 2020 QB C. Beck commits to UGA. Admits to using UF to get offer from UGA
    March 11: Dan Mullen makes infamous comment “I’d think we did a poor job recruiting if guys were coming in and then immediately walking out the door because it was something different than what they thought it would be and we lied to them during recruiting, or we sold them on a dream that wasn’t true”
    March 25: 2016 DE A. Clayton enters transfer portal
    April 15: 2018 UF 4* DE M. Langham enters transfer portal
    April 23: UF recruiting staff arrested for stalking and threatening to blow up ex gf’s car
    April 27: 2021 UF 4* ATH K. Wilcoxson decommits
    April 30: 2019 UF 4* QB J. Jones signee transferring
    May 2: Said QB Jones linked to sexual assault accusations
    May 3: 5-star RB D. Bowman at UF pipeline school commits to Clemson
    May 7: UF Player arrested
    May 9: Top UF 2019 4* CB C. Steele enters transfer portal
    May 9: Top UF 2021 5* DE B. Langston de-commits
    May 9: UF DB charged with misdemeanor battery
    May 9: UGA gets another 5 star commit LB M. Sherman. That’s 20 5 star’s since Kirby arrived to UF’s ZERO over same period.
    May 10: 2021 UF 4* ATH D. Jackson Decommits
    May 10: 2021 UF 4* WR T. Rucker Decommits
    May 10: 2020 Top 100 Recruits begin cancelling official visits to UF
    May 10: I was told Mullen is up on Lake Oconee, GA on his boat. Don’t know if this one is true, but LOL!!!
    May 13: UF players begin attacking Steele for transferring on social media
    May 13: 2020 4* OT T. Ratledge commits to UGA
    May 13: 2019 UF 4* LB D. Black confirms to UF he will be enrolling in JUCO
    May 15: Dan Mullen makes controversial comment about violence against women (cites Jeffery Simmons case)
    May 16: UF RB L. Perine potentially to be charged with battery
    May 20: 4* DT J. Carter from Apopka Fl. commits to UGA
    May 22: 2015 LB Rayshad Jackson (ILB depth) enters transfer portal
    May 30: Mullen claims he started the Ole Miss/MSU rivalry

    “Many years ago when I became a (head) coach and we started building at Mississippi State, you didn’t have this huge tradition and other things, so we built this rivalry between Mississippi State and Ole Miss,” Mullen said. “And so everything became that everything I say must be an attack at Ole Miss, and everything they are saying is an attack at Mississippi State.”

    June 1: 4 Star 2020 DT Warren Brinson from IMG chooses UGA over UF.

    This is why the comments on Alligator Alley are so awesome!

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  8. Cojones

    Liked when the posters couldn’t make any more excuses and began to attack gatorBill for predicting accurately. That’s some sad stuff. One poster just gives up and posts “Fuck Georgia” out of frustration of finding nothing else to comment.

    It will be even better after we shove Dan’s shit back in at J’ville.


  9. More Spinners

    Been awhile since been on site.
    Flooded with Grady White boat ads. Wonder why?
    Maybe premature, but here it goes re Big Bend Gulf coast. Congrats to FSU Noles and Mike Martin for winning Athens Regional.
    Second straight year that Dawgs eliminated by ACC team.
    So what gives with the coaches. Martin has a coaching philosophy that players have to improve and not keep making the same mistakes. Not so with the current dawgs staff.
    Pitchers are overrated. Plus not enough sticks on team. Too much emphasis on haircuts and rushing the field. But it gets back to the HC. Team needs more what they call in baseball, “make-up”, not hair cuts and etc.
    Just maybe it is time for him and the softball coach to go.
    They have some good regular seasons, but they can not win titles.


    • I Can Never Remember My Username

      It’s not over yet hoss. Gotta beat FAU (on ESPN2 right now), then a chance at revenge against the Noles tonight and tomorrow.


    • RangerRuss

      More Spinners, you don’t even know what’s happening at Foley Field today. So take your ignorance, FSU love and chickenshit Diamond Dawg criticism and blow it out your fourth point of contact.


  10. It’s not their tears or the hc attempting to find navigate his own BS…it’s seeing with mine own eyes the the emptiness of the stadium when the red and black is all that’s in the stands with UGA ahead on the scoreboard 14 to 20ish points mid way in the 3rd quarter….


  11. practicaldawg

    I love the UF fan in that forum rationalizing that they told him no because they were holding out for better.


  12. TrumpDawgUGA

    Dopey Dan Mullett (a low IQ individual, BTW) wanted to visit TrumpDawg’s fabulous and beautiful, maybe too beautiful, estate on Lake Oconee. Then I heard his comments and asked myself: “Do I want him here? With all the Bulldog Winners you find drawn to me?” I said: “NO”!


    • TrumpDawgUGA

      I will let him come to the big, beautiful wall we built along Georgia’s Southern Border so he may watch all of the best, wonderful, wonderful Florida recruits go through OUR lovely gate and #CommitToTheG!


  13. Bulldog Joe

    “I’m still having a hard time getting used to the complete 180 both fan bases’ psyches have done over the past two years.”

    It’s easier when you look at it as a complete 360° over the past thirty years.


  14. Hobnail_Boot

    My favorite bit:

    “What’s disturbing about it is it’s not like kids are visiting UGA last. They visit UF then commit to UGA. Woof.”


  15. Doug

    I love how the tone of that thread turned on a dime from “he’s as good as ours” to “ehh, he was always going to UGA.” Almost Techian in its sour-grapitude.

    Pro tip to Gator fans: Approaching StingTalk levels of UGA schadenfreude is a bad, baaaad look. In only Mullen’s second year, no less.

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  16. Jack Klompus

    Let us not forget that McGarity was pulling for UGA to hire Mullen. #neverforget

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  17. Cojones

    Actually, Dan has been successful in the football pundit’s mind what with the extra sports page ink and the Golden Nugget oddsmakers. He has also drawn attention to his recruiting by getting enough 3* to make it look like he is racking them up, enough to have had them above us at one point.

    We should think of them as GT-East for now and forever more. I honestly think that their hard time now will foment a bagman mentality recruit pursuit in frustration of not returning to their self-image of football power that began fading a few years ago. It will encourage self-appointed Bull Gators to enter that classless arena rather than having to watch a yearly thrashing.

    Haven’t any of you thought about who they may go back to the well for after being thrown away by a coach who went to a Yankee team, you know; the coach of their present coach?

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    • Muttley

      They have that tradition for sure, at least from Pell, Hall, and Zook. And a thug tradition, at the very least, from Meyer…