In the 404, money changes everything.

Helluva quote from Geoff Collins, explaining Georgia Tech’s marketing philosophy:

“In this day and age of college football and recruiting, the recruits aren’t going anywhere for contracts or money,” Collins said. “They’re going to places that have the strongest brand.”

The dude’s never heard of bag men?  C’mon, he coached at Mississippi State, fer Gawd’s sake.


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  1. Once the game starts in November (and August, for that matter), brand isn’t going to mean a damn thing.


  2. Spike

    Cam Newton is holding on line one, Coach..


  3. So Saturday I spoke w/a GT grad/fan and he said and I quote “This year we did great in recruiting and this coming year we are in the top 10 and next year we might do something. Also people said Paul Johnson did not do well against GA but we won most games at GA.” I asked him about Paul’s overall record and he said “well there’s that.” Also I just looked, they are 12th for 2020 in recruiting with one 4 star and twelve 3 stars.Yeah they are going to do something. I say this to say it’s all smoke and mirrors. To get recruiting you need to win not branding.


    • 12th is damned respectable for GT. No, they aren’t going to overtake Clemson in our lifetimes, but I give Collins E for effort. It ain’t easy resurrecting the dead.


      • Faltering Memory

        Well, maybe a dead cat bounce.


      • Texas Dawg

        Agree that he has a very difficult job. Lousy facilities, uninterested fan base, Paul Johnson’s legacy, the bully down the road in Athens that keeps kicking sand in their face and taking their lunch money and recruits does nothing to help his cause. Looking at the line up of power houses that are behind the NERDS in the recruiting rankings, there is not a chance in hell that they will be anywhere near 12th when all is said and done. When they look back and see OU, Texas, Michigan, A&M, Auburn and quite a few others behind them, even they will realize that it is a fantasy that will not last very long (but hey, for a few seconds in time they could say they were ahead of big brother). If they can finish near the bottom of the top 20, then they should consider that a major accomplishment worthy of making that hot dog in the ticket package a foot long.


      • With the world renowned WaHo as a national brand, improved crootin’ is on every corner….


      • Russ

        I agree. He still has to perform on the field which will be tough. Buy if they don’t stink too badly, they could be competitive in a couple of years. But it will be tough for them.


    • stoopnagle

      “most games at Georgia”

      I thought they were good at maths? Fish Fry was 3-3 in Athens. I guess when you’re 0-5 at home, the .500 record seems like “most.”


  4. stoopnagle


    Keep telling yourself that, Joffery.


  5. FlyingPeakDawg

    Until the tech brand (honestly…I can’t type that without laughing) is well known in Montana, they don’t have a chance.


  6. TimberRidgeDawg

    How many more UGA Alums live in the 404 than Tech alums? Never mind the sidewalk fans.

    He might as well just narrrow it on down to North Avenue but then again, that’s just the Sanford Stadium East Annex.


    • TimberRidgeDawg

      Of course I make a directionally challenged post and notice after I hit submit. Where’s the the edit button? Sanford Annex West


  7. Milledge Hall