Smart move

Just another day in college football land.

This kind of crapola is so frequent now, I can’t even muster up mild indignation anymore.


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8 responses to “Smart move

  1. 79Dawg

    So the NCAA basically used the Delta house leadership in Dean Wormer’s office defense???


  2. MUDAWGFan

    If Ohio State’s GPA is 3.5, I’ll eat a raw onion.


  3. Huntindawg

    I don’t understand – how can incentivizing the coach to encourage his players to have a higher GPA be detrimental to the “student” athlete?


  4. Minnesota Dawg

    Gene Smith…..continues to pass unscathed through so many embarrassing OSU athletic dept. scandals, apparently. SMH. I’m convinced that this guy has a full library of blackmail files locked away in his Columbus office.


  5. Doggoned

    It doesn’t seem remotely possible for any major college football team to average a 3.5 GPA. What am I missing?