When they say it’s about the money…

… it is about the money.

No problem here with the conference milking everything it can get, but I hope Sankey and his minions recognize the value in having the only game of the week broadcast nationally on a non-cable network.

I also hope they realize that CBS’ TV timeouts, which already seem like the longest in the business, aren’t going to get any shorter with a higher payout for broadcast rights.


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14 responses to “When they say it’s about the money…

  1. Castleberry

    They’ll move the broadcast to Facebook Live for a penny more.


  2. jhorne2000

    Does espn really pay 2 billion annually for MNF? Even among silly numbers that seems outrageous


  3. CBS is the worst when it comes to TV timeouts. A 3:30 game in September is almost unbearable.

    I would give them a discount on the package because the CBS exclusive exposure benefits every program in the league.


  4. Ricky McDurden

    The Notre Dame game may end some time around 3AM barring overtime. Otherwise, I’ll see y’all at Mama’s Boy for postgame Breakfast.

    On another note, can you imagine what the reserve fund will look like with that kind of renegotiation? Why, play their cards right and the national champion track team just might get that renovation they’ve been asking for. And while we are talking pipe dreams, who knows, there might just be a day on the horizon when you can’t see any lawn equipment or chain link fencing at Foley Field (I know, I’m practically speaking in obscenities with such talk).


  5. Interesting that the league is so concerned about safety except when it comes to these four and a half hour games. That’s a long time to not get nutrition and to try and stay hydrated. Constantly warming up and cooling down. And it absolutely kills momentum ruining the flow of our beautiful sport

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  6. ugafidelis

    “I hope Sankey and his minions recognize the value in having the only game of the week broadcast nationally on a non-cable network.”

    Your continuation of the header says all we need to know about this.


  7. FlyingPeakDawg

    Investors are ready to cough-up $750M to be a Pac-12 partner. Get ready to re-up your NetFlix subscriptions (for a hefty fee increase) for the SEC in the future, but at least all games will be shown and saved. It will be for the children (e.g. compensation to pay players). #aintnofreenomo


  8. Macallanlover

    SEC could hardly do worse than what they accepted the last time. It stands as an embarrassment for both the loser, SEC, and the victor, CBS. Hard to call it a partnership when it was so one sided. If the SEC sticks it to them, CBS would deserve it; they should have torn it up before it expired without being asked if they wanted to maintain a professional relationship going forward. Not doing so should be reason enough to have the SEC shop it widely. they asked for it.