A year without the rabbit’s foot

From Bill Connelly’s spreadsheet to Gawd’s ears:

You know, I could live with that.  Quite easily, in fact.


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11 responses to “A year without the rabbit’s foot

  1. Basically the way I hear it from Auburn folks radio the interwebs…if it’s anything less than nine wins gus is gone. 9 wins he still might be gone. And they have a tough slate.


  2. I would be ok with Auburn getting to 9 wins if that 9th win was FU. I felt dirty after typing that.

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  3. practicaldawg

    Despite the offensive question marks, Auburn’s D line will be nasty in 2019 and will be a bad matchup for Florida’s O line. That game is a coin flip.


  4. Jack Burton

    This will be one of Gus Bus’s worst offensive football teams ever. Mark it.


    • Jeez, that is one tough schedule. I almost feel sorry for the Barn. Almost being the operative word. If they stumble early against Texas A&M or the other dogs that this could get ugly. My life experience is that Auburn’s got a whole lotta quit in them.


  5. Biggen

    He gone anyway without an SEC Championship trophy this year. Count on it.


  6. UGA '97

    Gus likely is a Deadman walking after we beat his ass, so the 10.3 spread vs Bama likely will rise.


  7. Macallanlover

    If it starts badly, with 2 losses to the Oregon, FU, and LSU part of the schedule, look for Derek Brown to develop some reason to begin missing games later in the season. Not sure why he came back anyway, much as I dislike the early departures to the NFL, but there is no reason why bonafide high draft candidates will see any difference between sitting for bowl games and playing all the regular season out once they are not going to make the playoffs. Not supporting that, just responding to the way things have developed.


  8. mg4life0331

    Like you said earlier though Senator, I worry about them when everyone else doesn’t.


  9. Brandon

    As you correctly pointed out a couple of days ago, Auburn is generally at its best in the years when all the smart folks are poo-poo-ing their chances.


  10. Bulldog Joe

    New Auburn AD has the other sports performing well. An outsider was needed there.

    Gus took an 0-8 team and made them champions with a DB at QB. I wouldn’t sleep on them.