“Everything’s important when it comes to Jimbo.”

This is about as all in as a school can go on a football coach.

When Texas A&M hired Jimbo Fisher to be its football coach, the university clearly indicated its commitment of resources to ensure Fisher’s success.

In addition to a friendly 10-year, $75 million guaranteed contract, A&M also paid top dollar for Fisher’s 10 assistants, his new strength coach and an expanded recruiting budget. But even all of that fails to show how much A&M has invested in its football coach.

That became evident during the hiring process for new athletic director Ross Bjork, who was introduced at A&M on Monday. Along with A&M president Michael Young, Fisher was also involved in the search for Scott Woodward’s replacement.

On top of the millions of dollars that have poured into the football program since Fisher’s arrival in 2017, the level of commitment from A&M includes being consulted on key decisions about the program’s future…

And while Sharp and Fisher both cited Young as the key person responsible for hiring Bjork, who spent the last seven seasons at Mississippi, Fisher also played a key role in the process.

That says as much about how beholden Bjork is to Fisher as it does about what kind of AD Fisher wants.  Those aren’t necessarily good things, but nobody can claim the TAMU oars aren’t rowing in the same direction for now.


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11 responses to ““Everything’s important when it comes to Jimbo.”

  1. Russ

    They are in a tough neighborhood, but they certainly have all the resources needed and I have no doubt about their “all in”-ness. Aggies can make anyone else look fickle in terms of blind devotion.

    They scare me coming here at the end of the season.


  2. ugafidelis

    Jimbo’s got em right where he wants em; wrapped around his finger.


  3. W Cobb Dawg

    So will Bjork’s first move be to sweeten Jimbo’s contract? Is it THAT kind of ‘all in’?


  4. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    Sounds almost Kirby-esque. Which is good in the sense that all the oars are rowing in the same direction. But if you are Jimbo (or Kirby) you can’t say you didn’t get what you wanted.


  5. Isn’t this the same guy that looked the other way while Hugh Sleeze was paying off recruits and using his Ole $i$$ phone as a matchmaking service for escort services around the Southeast?

    Fisher is slimy … he needs someone who can enable him while he enables his players to cause chaos in College Station.


  6. Spike

    I wonder if Jimbo cut Jameis Winston in on some of the dough? If he didn’t he should.


  7. Bulldog Joe

    I see great on-field success for A&M sports…until Alabama turns them in.


  8. Doug

    This could get very interesting. A&M is a lot like Auburn—perceived “little brother” in a football-mad state, even when they’re winning—only with less historic success (Auburn’s at least won a national title in the last 70 years). And we’re all well acquainted with the illicit lengths Auburn will go to in order to achieve some semblance of parity. Now that the Aggies are competing in a tougher conference, with a coach who’s no stranger to ethical corner-cutting (not to mention the AD), I wouldn’t be the least bit surprised to see things take a major turn for the shady in College Station.