Fulmer Cup winner

I ask you, who among us hasn’t had a disagreement over tacos when they got into a mutual altercationmoment?


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    I like tacos.


  2. JG Shellnutt

    Please tell me that before he was struck, the victim said “can we just taco bout this?”.

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  3. Bulldog Joe

    “Yeah. Drop the chalupa!”


  4. gastr1

    I mean, everyone knows that yellow cheese doesn’t belong on a taco, amiright?


    • Cojones

      Them’s fightin’ words!

      Yes, goat cheese is white and what us Hispanics eat.


    • Anonymous

      Tacos are not supposed to have cheese on them at all. An authentic taco is two thin soft corn tortillas stacked with meat, usually the kind that most American’s wouldn’t eat (e.g. lengua, tripa, cachete, cabeza, etc.), grilled onions, and cilantro. Traditional toppings are lime juice and salsa negra. They would usually be served with radish slices as a palate cleanser.

      The white cheese used on Americanized hard shell ground beef “tacos” is almost always Land o Lakes EZ-Melt American Cheese.


      That stuff is delicious but isn’t Mexican at all.


      • Got Cowdog

        Lots of Latinos around my area. While I was building townhomes in Gwinnett my concrete finisher’s wife and sister brought lunch every day. They offered to share so I gave their taco’s a try. Best tacos ever. Corn tortillas, grilled beef, cilantro, diced onion, and homemade salsa.
        Here local, there is a restaurant attached to a Latino market that has a taco filling called Suadero. I’ve never seen it anywhere else but it’s some part of the cow’s belly (Not tripa) diced and fried. They serve them with a Salsa Verde made with serrano, lime, and cilantro. Really really good.
        Anonymous and Cojones are correct: No cheese on the taco.


      • Classic City Canine

        I had amazing Mexican when I worked as a landscaper in the Dunwoody area! Yeah, you’re right exactly right about the unfamiliar meats and toppings. My personal favorite is chorizo and I’m a huge fan of tortas.


  5. 86BONE

    WOW! Did you attend Georgia? I don’t remember many Mexicans around campus during my years there…


  6. Uglydawg

    This happened in March and the arrest was just made?
    Can someone explain that?
    Also, if the altercation had been over crab legs instead of a taco, would it still be an issue?


    • Russ

      Exactly. Jimbo better wake up and realize he’s in Texas now. The plsyers aren’t stealing crab legs, they want the beef!


  7. Texas Dawg

    Will he be transferring to Florida so he will fit in better?