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Back to School remake, starring Tater Tot

You’re never too young.



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TFW even your inner Debbie Downer can’t go there

Heh.  Dawgs247 takes a look at every UGA position group and takes a shot at raising the biggest question facing each of those units.  This is what it comes up with for the offensive line:

It’s really hard to find a real concern with this unit. The Bulldogs have six guys with at least three games of starting experience and two more who got plenty of mop-up action a year ago. Since we’re really having to dig here, we’ll go with continuing to develop a fourth tackle.

Not find.  Not develop.  Continue to develop.

I think I’ll be able to rest easy tonight.


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Mel Tucker’s guide to Pac-12 relevancy

It’s simple, really.

Step 1. Lobby to get every Power 5 champion a seat at the table.

Step 2. Stop beating each other up in November.

Step 3. Schedule “name” programs out of your league. And, you know, actually beat them.

Don’t worry about making the top conference teams better, just make it easier for the top conference teams to reach the playoffs.

… So what I’m selling now, I’m selling, ‘Hey, the Pac-12 is down, and now it’s our time to get it going.’ But I would love to able to say, ‘All we’ve got to do is win our conference and we’re in.’”

“Give me eight, right?” Tucker continued. “So we can get in and get three at-large (teams), and let’s go. And have the first round (where) you could go on the road (to campus sites) and play. And then, after that, do it like they’re doing it now. Because that really gives you a chance now to get in there. You could lose a game and still get in.”

Good news for Pac-12 coaches, anyway.  The road to hell is paved with Jim Boeheim’s intentions.


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“[BLANK] imposes risks that have the potential to undermine the integrity of both the institution and the sports contests…”

If you filled in the blank with “Ending amateurism”, you got it wrong.  Not that the NCAA cares…


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“It galvanized us a little. Us against the world.”

I mentioned the other day the impressive job Barry Odom has done holding his roster together in the face of tough NCAA sanctions that gave a free pass to transfer to every Missouri senior.

Even though the Tigers can’t play for the SEC championship, they still have a regular season to play and have some potential as a dark horse candidate to upset the expected order in the East.

For me, how far they go comes down to a couple of issues.  One is psychological.  Do they band together and ride that us against the world mentality to, say, a 7-1 conference record, something that would put them squarely in the mix for the division lead?  Or do they face some early adversity and, with little to play for, crumble?

One hint about the answer to those questions comes with the second issue.  Mizzou has got some schedule ($$).

In SEC play, the Tigers’ front-loaded schedule could mean they won’t face a ranked team until November. After facing South Carolina, Ole Miss, Kentucky and Vanderbilt as an appetizer, the main course arrives in the season’s final month with a trip to Georgia before hosting Florida. The good news is the Tigers precede the Georgia-Florida back-to-back with an off week to reload and get a little healthier. They’ll finish with Tennessee and against Arkansas in Little Rock.

It’s a favorable but unusual schedule that, after the opener in Laramie, features five consecutive home games before three consecutive SEC road games. In the East, any year a team dodges Alabama is a good year. But drawing annual rival Arkansas and Ole Miss as crossover West opponents makes for a fantastic year on the schedule rotation.

The early softness of their schedule reminds me a little of 2013, when Missouri was able to cruse into Athens behind a 5-0 start against unranked teams and build on the momentum with back-to-back wins over Georgia and Florida.  I’m not saying history is about to repeat itself (I hope we never see another Georgia injury run like the one we saw that season), but take a look at the schedule and predict the number of losses Mizzou is likely to have when it returns to Georgia in November.


Probably don’t want to sleep on those guys.


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Anchor down, Knoxville.

Vanderbilt’s current winning streak over Tennessee is a thing of beauty and a joy forever.

In Derek Mason’s fifth season with the program, The Commodores finished 6-7 with their second bowl appearance in three years. Still, Vanderbilt failed to secure a winning record under Mason. In his half a decade in Nashville, the best Vanderbilt has been able to do is 6-7. That’s not bad when you look at the team’s history, especially when you consider the recent dominance over in-state rival Tennessee.

The Commodores have won three straight over the Volunteers, the program’s best stretch in that rivalry since the 1920s.

A three-game winning streak while failing to finish above .500 in any of those three seasons is my kind of “recent dominance”.  Keep it going, ‘Dores.


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What Kirby did on his summer vacation

He grinded.

We know about the importance of Florida football.

Why the Sunshine state? The state of Florida has been crucial to Smart’s recruiting success at UGA. This past year, the Bulldogs signed five prospects out of Florida: 5-star defensive end Nolan Smith (originally from Savannah, Ga.) of Brandenton, 4-star defensive back Tyrique Stevenson of Miami, 4-star linebacker Rian Davis of Apopka, 4-star running back Kenny McIntosh of Ft. Lauderdale, and 3-star tight end Brett Seither from Clearwater.

This year’s recruiting class is ranked No. 5 overall in the nation so far and has 11 commits – with three of them being from Florida: 4-star defensive tackle Jalen Carter of Apopka, 4-star quarterback Carson Beck of Jacksonville, 4-star defensive tackle Warren Brinson of Bradenton.

The Bulldogs are also top contenders for other elite prospects such as 4-star receiver Marcus Rosemy of Ft. Lauderdale, and 4-star offensive lineman Joshua Braun of Live Oak.

It’s a nice place to visit.


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