“[BLANK] imposes risks that have the potential to undermine the integrity of both the institution and the sports contests…”

If you filled in the blank with “Ending amateurism”, you got it wrong.  Not that the NCAA cares…



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  1. Macallanlover

    And I thought your group’s obsession with the whole “amateurism” BS was over done, where do people feel this threat from penny-ante betting by Ma and Pa Kettle come from? So ten thousand of these couples place a $5 parlay bet on 3 teams to win $25, or a $50 bet on the Dawgs to cover a 3 TD line against gt. Where do they meet secretly to merge their piggy banks and get maybe $500 to even attempt to corrupt a back-up special team player? They don’t even know each other, and my live in a different part of the state.

    Point is, the bigger players who MIGHT have enough action on a game to attempt a bribe, have been betting foe many decades….nothing changes for them. And they are the only ones big enough to justify that attempt. States put limit on the size of bets, Vegas not so much.

    Add to that, if Mr. Big preferred to bet with the state of New Jersey rather than Scarface, he would have to pay taxes to both NJ and the Feds. If he bets with the local bookie, as he has done all his life, he pays no taxes on his big wins. All much ado about nothing, hyperbole from those who don’t understand how big sports betting was before the SC ruling.

    As for athletes being susceptible to risk of corruption, the small bettors once again are less likely to be a bigger risk than the past. And players are risking permanent bans from both amateur and pro sports if caught in a betting scandal (see Rose, Pete.) Should they be vigilant? Of course, but legalized betting in states doesn’t move the needle much. Clearly more volume cumulatively, but (one brick (dollar) at a time is of no real threat), imo.


    • Mac, you’ve whiffed on my point here. I don’t have a problem with legalized gambling.

      I’m simply mocking the concept of existential threats to college athletics.


      • Macallanlover

        Didn’t mean that, poorly worded on my part. Was just ranting about “mountains out of mole hills” going on in CFB and chose one I see a lot of.


  2. Trbodawg

    Mac, could you clarify “your group” ?


    • Macallanlover

      I was referring to the movement these days to pay significantly more to college athletes. Some see it as justified and overdue, others as a tidal wave that could permanently disrupt the college sports landscape.