That’s okay. He’ll watch the replay later.

Well, this is something.

I don’t know if I should be more impressed by Pruitt being a big enough dick to make Rocker miss his son pitching, or Rocker becoming that motivated on the recruiting trail.


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9 responses to “That’s okay. He’ll watch the replay later.

  1. Brandon

    That’s crazy, CJP sounds like one of those guys whose leadership style eventually gets him shot by his own men.


  2. Salty Dawg

    I’ll take ‘Pruitt being a big enough dick’, for $500, Senator.

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  3. My take is that Georgia’s recruiting is just lapping the east so much that the pressure to always be cruitin’ is at a all time high. Just a new sheriff in town and everyone is desperately playing catch up


  4. Bulldog Joe

    If Rocker is a great recruiter, why isn’t Kumar pitching for Tennessee?


  5. Salty Dawg

    Thank you for mentioning this, Helen. This will solve my problem of not being able to watch Roquan Smith help the Bears go to the Super Bowl! Or Nick Chubb helping the Browns, or Sony and the Pats! I support them all!


    • Salty Dawg

      Ok, I tried signing up for this and this website billing was/is not working correctly and I have been in contact with customer service for the last four hours. I’m done. Senator, you may want to remove “Helen’s” post unless you know for sure this isn’t a spam post.