Lost decade in Gainesville

Well, this is something that explains much.

In 2018, Feleipe Franks had the best passing season by a Gator since Tim Tebow in 2009.

“Best season since Tebow” sounds a helluva lot better than seventh in the conference in passer rating, doesn’t it?


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16 responses to “Lost decade in Gainesville

  1. practicaldawg

    If getting to a bowl game and not having a horrendous QB are the standards at Fla now, may Mullen remain at the top of these HC lists for a long time. I do agree he’s the best HC to have never won his division or beaten Kirby. He’s at the top of the pack there.

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  2. Cojones

    This could be the standard now applied to FU by the media that is used to rank , along with number of wins and a sideshow called Dan.



    Kirby is 3rd behind Jimbo?


  4. Hobnail_Boot

    Sounds an awful lot like “…since 1980”.


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  5. Russ

    I can still see all those beautiful spiraling bombs that Tebow gracefully lifted downfield. He made Johnny U look like a schlub.

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  6. Spike

    Franks has sucked against us.


  7. Macallanlover

    “Lost decade”? This is the program that went the better part of a century before they won their first conference title. Upstart, or flash in the pan, is more like it for FU. Almost funny to hear them acting like their place is at the front of the line, FU has spent all their CFB life as a wannabe. It was their johnny-come-lately group of fans who told us in the 90s that the past wasn’t relevant to current times (and some of our weaker fans swallowed that way of thinking); well, the all time, and most recent, analysis of our two programs favors UGA so STFU. By the way, the near future doesn’t look so good for them either.


  8. The Tick

    I say again, how mind-boggling is it that fla. — FLORIDA — has not been able to field the QB position since 2009? Ten years! FLORIDA! In the middle of all that fertile Sunshine State recruiting ground!

    Here’s hoping they keep it going for another ten.


  9. stoopnagle

    …until you remember Tim Tebow’s passing skill.


  10. Mayor

    After reading what the Senator said here I went back and looked at the FU schedules/results from 2010 forward. Damn, I didn’t remember how BAD they were. Other than that one 11-2 season under Boom they haven’t won 11games again. Plus how did they manage to win the East under Sharkhumper? Geez, it makes one realize how much things had slipped in Gainesville.