Can’t get no respect.

Man, if you can’t use this to motivate your team…

Bovada’s current national futures odds have Kentucky at 750-1 to win the playoff. Yes, it’s a bit far-fetched to believe Kentucky is far enough along as a program to seriously contend for a national championship while playing in the SEC.

But here are some of the teams (with 2018 records) that Bovada’s odds have as more likely than Kentucky to do it in 2019:

  • Kansas (3-9)
  • Louisville (2-10)
  • New Mexico (3-9)
  • Northern Illinois (8-6)
  • Tulsa (3-9)

Kentucky hosts Louisville on 11/30.  I doubt either team’s national title hopes will be riding on that game, but still…



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5 responses to “Can’t get no respect.

  1. Dawg19

    New Mexico and Northern Illinois are both basically another Central Florida. They could go undefeated and still wouldn’t make the playoff. They don’t have the schedule to justify it. Not that Kansas, Louisville, or Tulsa will run the table but at least they have a legitimate path. Some may argue against Tulsa but at least they have some big boys on their schedule.


  2. Greg

    Kind of crazy, but the do not play a SEC schedule.


  3. JCDawg83

    I guess they have to post odds for every team but any of the teams mentioned are as likely to win the NC as someone is to be struck by lightning while being attacked by a shark.


  4. Mayor

    Odds don’t mean sh1t if the team doesn’t win it. Georgia was a great bet in 2017 but…….