Lessons learned… from MSU?

Several of us noted that Clemson appeared to take a few plays out of Georgia’s offensive playbook from the SECCG in routing Alabama for the national title.  Ian Boyd writes that the Tigers may have done much the same with regard to how Mississippi State defensed Tua and the Tide’s offense during their regular season meeting.

His conclusion —

Alabama embraced the RPO spread offense as a best practice for doing what they’ve always wanted to do, run the dang ball. They tried to dabble with the spread in hopes it would allow them to maintain their formula, but in reality it’s steadily pushing the game in the very direction Saban has been trying to avoid.

— is interesting to me in that, by most accounts, in bringing Sarkisian back to run the offense, Saban wants to get away from over-reliance on the RPO spread offense and back towards more of a pro-style approach.  The question for me is whether that move is best suited for Tagovailoa’s skill set.  Given that Alabama’s receiving corps is ridiculously talented, I may be overthinking that.  But, nevertheless, I am curious.


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7 responses to “Lessons learned… from MSU?

  1. ASEF

    I wouldn’t overthink the Locksley-Sarkisian move. Alabama’s primary problem in the Clemson game was a right corner who just couldn’t stay with his guy and zero pass rush. At one point in the 3rd quarter, Alabama has sizable advantages in time of possession and rushing yards – and trailed by 22 points.

    Sark will add some constraints to burn teams overplaying the pre-snap read tendencies (which were not in the playbook for the Clemson game apparently), but Tua just set a NCAA record for efficiency stats.


  2. Argondawg

    The absurd amount of turnover is something else. You basically run whatever offense Saban thinks is best right now. I don’t think a coordinators philosophy one way or the other means that much over there.


  3. Bulldog Joe

    Mississippi State was the only Alabama opponent to have the Clemson’s level of talent on defense. Both teams had three first-rounders in the 2019 NFL Draft.

    However, I doubt Clemson’s coaches wasted much time watching Mississippi State’s offense.


  4. Greg

    “The question for me is whether that move is best suited for Tagovailoa’s skill set”.

    Good point, gonna say NO. Thinks they are more suited for pro-style.


  5. more spinners

    I’m sure “Gus” has it figured out now. His spread plus Clemson / MSU defensive strategy.
    Interesting to see Gus and Pearl sitting next to each other [plus both later in broadcast booth] at CWS watching Auburn and MSU. When you see those two together these words probably come to mind “NCAA investigation”.
    Jinxed Auburn after booth appearance. Those other dogs plated 4 in the bottom of the 9th for a walk off game one win. Auburn drops into losers bracket.


  6. Granthams replacement

    Tua had a bad wheel so they backed off the RPO stuff. I suspect this season they will use tua like we use Fromm, low risk since the backup QBs are a significant drop in experience.