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I wanted to highlight a couple of comments from whb209 that you may not have seen, regarding an experience with his Georgia-Florida tickets.

Here’s the first:

A strange call from the UGa ticket office last Friday. They asked if I would like
to exchange 4 of my tickets to the GA-Fl game for 4 Club level seats. Has the game lost interest or are people and Corps. just not buying the expensive
Club level tickets (maybe the same thing). When the Gator bowl was repaired in 1996 (I think that was the year), I was in the Club level for 2 years and was then kicked out because I would not pay a dumbass amount to remain in club seats and now they are calling me asking if I would please go back to that level without an increase in payment.. Interesting…

And, in response to a question for me about why they reached out like that, the second:

I called the ticket office and they called me back today (6/14/19). This was there statement: We have cut the number of Club tickets to each person or corp. from 8 to 4. This gives more Club tickets that can go to a greater number of people, therefore if you have 60,000+ points you are given the opportunity to purchase 4 Club tickets for $40.00 per ticket when you exchange 4 of your off club tickets. The total number of tickets (club + off club) is set at 8. Only 4 maybe on club.

I have a hard time believing this is exactly true because I am sure that a few individuals and a few Corps. have paid a shit load of money and they will not be bothered by this new 4 Club limit. This is still what they told me and it is all I know about the new GA-FL Club seat deal.

My reaction to that is it seems to run counter to what they did when Georgia went to Notre Dame and the Magill Society folks were allowed to load up on tickets.  So I found it interesting to see this Q&A in yesterday’s Bill King column.

My wife and I have been contributors to the Hartman Fund since we returned to Georgia in 1987. … Our seats have gone from the attic to the lower club end zone, which we prefer. In 2018, we suffered a double shafting, the IRS changed the rules on deductions for college teams from 80% to 0, and UGA implemented UGA Magill Society privileges. At Georgia-Florida we went from eight seats together in club in 2017 to eight in club two by two, behind each other, in 2018, to only allowed four in club and four elsewhere. Parking went from near the stadium to a location … far away. We are a middle-income family living on our retirement here in Athens and the one real pleasure outside of our kids and grandkids is being slowly eroded.

— Armand L. Chapeau

I’ve heard quite a few stories like yours concerning game parking and Florida tickets. I also know it’s the big donors who largely fund Georgia’s participation in the facility arms race, so I understand the emphasis on attracting and keeping them. Still, I hope UGA’s athletics brain trust doesn’t wait until attendance starts falling before they begin thinking more about the average fan.

My first impression is that it sounds like Butts-Mehre is trying to clear space to let newer Magill Society contributors gain access to club level seating for the Cocktail Party, but whb209 doesn’t sound like somebody who’s making a MS contribution — which makes the offer to him a bit curious.  I’m sure it’s got something to do with the money, because that’s how Butts-Mehre rolls these days.  Anybody out there have a clue what’s going on here?



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  1. Scuba

    I only know my club level allotment was cut from 8 to 4 at Jax starting this year. No explanation given.


  2. I wonder if people aren’t buying up the club seats and MS people are ordering extra tickets in the regular seating areas. Therefore, they are going down the list and offering upgrades to those below the cumulative point threshold.

    That’s about the only way to explain this.


  3. The other Doug

    I wonder if they did a little digging on the secondary market and realized the 4+ club ticket buyers were selling their extra tickets.

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  4. lakedawg

    Got the same call while out of town last week, will be calling ticket office this morn to see what I can learn.


  5. Athens Dog

    The problem as I see it with this philosophy is that most Magill members are older. (Like me). And we are going to fewer games as we age. I got calls because I didn’t order any away tickets this year. I appreciated the customer service but like Adams move years ago to take away family history from enrollment criteria, they are missing the bigger picture long term.

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  6. ATL Dawg

    I’m pretty sure I have this right but anyone feel free to correct me…

    The ability to order club tickets was only given to people at or above a certain point total. Those people didn’t buy up all of the club tickets and now they’re going down the point total list and offering them to people below the original threshold until they sell out. They do the same thing with away game tickets when they don’t sell out their allotment to the people they gave the ability to order.

    They don’t want to give everyone the ability to order, so they make a guess as to where to cut that off but still sell out. Sometimes they misjudge.

    As to why they reduced the number of club tickets each person can order, they want more people overall getting club tickets.


    • ATL Dawg

      By the way, I looked it up and the original order threshold this year was 80k points.

      And last year’s cutoff for the club tickets was 103,966. But that was before they implemented the 4 ticket limit. So of course that’s dropping this year.


  7. Aladawg

    I don’t have a clue, but was offered the same deal (the club are $40 EXTRA ). All I can figure is demand fell. I refused to be a McGill member when it first started and have stayed true though we give a lot and have given since 1982. We have 8 season seats and qualified for 6 Jax tickets , 4 of which now could be club. One thing is sure that at 40 extra a pop, the McGoofy crowd is making sure they get that income!


  8. 79Dawg

    Unrelated, but we were 2 or 3 rows from the top of the lower level in Jax year before last, and 2 of the suites right behind us were simply left empty – windows were opened though, and we thought (for a second) about climbing in, but WTH!


  9. ATL Dawg

    As for the Bill King reader (Armand L. Chapeau) complaining that his GA/FL parking space is getting worse…the reason that is happening is because people are passing him on the overall point total list and getting the better spaces.

    Remember that GA/FL seating and parking isn’t like the home games where you can keep getting what you had last year as long as you make the minimum annual donation. Your seat and parking locations are determined by your overall point total. Just like your other away game seat locations are determined by your point total.

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  10. Bulldog Joe

    The Notre Dame and A&M games are artificially inflating the demand for 2019 Georgia season tickets in Athens.

    The demand for the Jacksonville game is more reflective of what is happening across P5 college football. Expect a significant drop off in 2020 season ticket demand at Georgia, given the home schedule and the lack of focus on the younger alumni and fans.


  11. BA Baracus

    Not sure if the commenter from Bill King’s post who got “double shafted” is reading this, but I would just like to point out for clarity’s sake that it wasn’t the IRS that changed the “rules” regarding deductibility of contributions, it was the GOP-controlled house, senate, and white house who changed the tax law regarding said deductibility. Let’s just make sure we place the blame in the right place.


    • Aladawg

      And while you blame, you can thank the GOP for closing a ridiculous tax loophole. You know if you care about deductibility, to donate to the UGA foundation. This does NOT mean I am from the GOP; it just means that deductibility was just a ploy for the wealthy to get a tax break on football seats.

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      • BA Baracus

        Agreed on the loophole. I wish they had eliminated many others (particularly corporate ones). That comment from the questioner just sounded suspiciously like trying to divert blame to the “deep state” or some such.


        • Normaltown Mike

          I know his family and I doubt he’s blaming the deep state. He strikes me as a bit of an old-timer in that he wants his fan experience to be the same as it was in 1977 without recognizing that 4 tickets, 8 tickets, club level, etc. all sounds pretty amazing to most folks – me included.


        • 79Dawg

          It was not a “loophole” – the deduction was right there in the black and white text of the law and expressly authorized by Congress!!!
          Contrary to popular belief, the definition of “loophole” is not “something I don’t like, but which the law expressly allows”…


  12. Dawgoholic

    I think the answer is different from what everyone is stating here. The issue was created by the scarcity of lower level seats for the SEC Championship game due to the MBS configuration with so much of the lower level designated as club. To try to address this issue, UGA adopted the only 4 club tickets rule that is in effect at Sanford for all neutral site games. With Jax having decent seats outside of club and many people in a habit of not buying club in Jax, there has been less demand than expected. I would not be surprised if our total demand for Jax is the same or higher. Will be interested to see if we have the same issue next year once more people are aware of the availability of club seats in Jax.


  13. whb209

    I think we all know that the Mcgill group plays by a different set of rules than the Hartman group and the UGA AA thought that they could get more cash from club tickets going to the McGILL group. They took 4 tickets from the Hartman group (or at least limited to a total of 4 tickets). They miscalculated the number of extra tickets the McGill guys would want and therefore they were stuck with tickets. The big problem with this is that the leftover club tickets will be dumped on Stubhub (or whatever it is called) and the club level tickets holders will be sitting next to FL fans on the GA side of the field. This happen at the ND game. ND dumped tickets on one of the ticket resale outfits and they screwed the pooch. It would have been better for ND to leave the seat empty. GA took over their stadium and I was one of them.
    Senator is correct in stating I have nothing to do with McGill Society.


    • Dawgoholic

      Magill donors are limited to 4 club as well in Jax. Like I said, this is because of the lack of lowers in MBS.