“It was certainly something that I always dreamt about, coaching at the University of Georgia.”

That’s funny.  I always dreamt about having somebody like Sam Pittman coaching at the University of Georgia.

Although I have to admit my dreams were never this over the top.


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10 responses to ““It was certainly something that I always dreamt about, coaching at the University of Georgia.”

  1. Having Sam Pittman in 2019 makes me forget about Jim Chaney 2016.


  2. Salty Dawg

    I never felt confident or deserving enough to dream of having someone like Sam. I was beaten down by the Georgia Way. Then Kirby came along and changed all that! GO DAWGS!

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  3. Kipp Adams wrote the 247 article and he says this year’s offensive line is the best and deepest ever. He was not around in the 1970s so he is not aware of our string of All American offensive linemen back then. The 1974 offensive line depth chart had 4 guys who eventually became All Americans (Craig Hertwig, Joel Parrish, Mike Wilson and George Collins.)


    • Gaskill, I think you could make the case that Thomas, Wilson, Mays, and Salyer could be AAs by the end of their time at Georgia. Throw in Hill and Kindley and we may exceed the ‘74 depth chart.

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      • Macallanlover

        True, we may have had a string of individual studs on the OLs of the 70s, but never a squad of “AA level” players at one time. They are stacked up like cord wood. I just shake my head as we continue to bring so many talented athletes to serve at the throne of Coach Pittman. I know you can never have enough talented OL players in the rotation up front, but we may be disproving that. We may seriously have 5-7 OL studs capable of deserving a spot on one of the ALL SEC squads, if given the chance this year. Example: Big Ben may not be a starter on this team every game, but can you name 6-8 other guards in this league you would take over him?

        I hate the portal BS going on already, but I am really going to dislike it even more when we lose too many guys for lack of playing time and end up shortchanged.


        • Mac, I pointed out a year (1974) when he had “a squad of “AA level” players at one time.”


        • Cojones

          The second four OLs could end up having more playing time than the first four. And there are subs for the second four as well. In this manner, you have an ongoing group with experience ready for the next year. I’m sure that the second four will get more field time than the first four at the beginning of the schedule, in fact , the first game to see extended time by the first four is ND, 4 games into the schedule.

          I will not look this gift horse for our team in the mouth for fear that it may go away. Cheer for them all by name and remember how you felt when they said they wanted to play for Georgia. Place their history in your mind before they come into their first game, that way they all will feel the warmth we share with Pittman for his and his staff’s efforts to get them for us.


          • Salty Dawg

            I will send out those future vibes, Cojones. Always a good idea to send love and good health to the future!


    • Russ

      We had a great line back then, plus some other studs along the way, but I think this group we have now may be their equal or better. Comparing eras is hard. I’m just glad I got to see both.

      I still say we have two of the best offensive lines in football.

      BTW, I still miss Sky. He was a great guy.

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  4. Mayor

    Don’t get too comfy Senator. All it would take is for Pittman to go someplace and several players to follow him via the portal. That’s college football in the 21st century.