Is it wrong to gloat?

Breaking a blog rule here, for obvious reasons…

You know Kirby’s sitting somewhere with a shit-eating grin on his face.  Mullen?  Not so much…

I’m trying to remember when I’ve enjoyed an offseason as much as this one.


UPDATE:  “If you honestly dont think mullen is kirbys bitch u need to be sent to an insane asylum.”


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  1. ChiliDawg

    I’ve been laughing at the gator fans who have this conspiracy theory that Kirby is telling these kids to delay their announcement so they can string Florida along and then publicly commit to UGA after visiting UF just to embarrass them, but I’ll be honest – I kind of hope it’s true LOL. #FTFM.


    • Doug

      Yeah, even if it is true, Florida’s still been taking some pretty brutal PR hits. Brutal enough for future recruiting prospects to notice. And as some of the more astute Gator posters noticed, Kirby has boxed Mullen into a no-win situation—bring the kid in for an official visit, it’s that much more noticeable if UGA poaches him; don’t bring him in, and it looks like you slept on a top-notch recruit who was right under your nose. Either way, pass the popcorn.


    • Biggus Rickus

      I suspect that Smart does have some kids hold off on announcing to maintain the appearance of momentum. It’s possible he also is trying to embarrass Florida as well. Not that we’ll ever know if my suspicion is true given how close to the vest he plays this kind of stuff.


  2. Argondawg

    I believe they got the proverbial banana in the tail pipe on this one. It just feels like Kirby is dragging his nuts across Mullen’s forehead this entire off season. Mullen trolled us with words and Kirby is taking all of his potential elite talent. It is a good time to be a Dawg.

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  3. Whiskeydawg

    When it comes to the Gators this is the best off-season I can remember.

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  4. Derek

    “Our recruiting white board hanging on the wall must be the size of a sticky note.”

    The tears are so sweet…

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  5. Spike

    Am I dreaming? FU UF!


    • Derek

      To save you the time….moar tears:

      1) It’s embarassing at this point. Disgrace

      2) Even I’m having a hard time with this one and I’m usually the voice of reason. It’s getting old now. Why tf can the flagship University with Dom Mulligan at the helm not recruit Florida better. Every other state can be hard to pull the top prospects away from the flagship in their respective states but not Florida. These kids dash out of state like a fat kid to the ice cream truck. This is deeper than the perception of our program. There has to be mass cheating going on. On a scale bigger than we can all imagine. UF Boosters better wake up or this will not stop. Recruiting is dirtier than ever and the NCAA more of a joke than ever. It’s time to fight fire with fire. These kids don’t give a damn about our academics. They care about getting paid. End rant.

      3) As expected, but the way Kirby is taking a hot Karl on Mullen is utterly embarrassing.

      (Not sure I want to go to urban dictionary for that one.)

      4) It’s pretty smart on Kirby, to be honest. A resurgent UF is the biggest impediment to UGA being a perennial power, so he knows that if he focuses all his resources on preventing a UF return then it will be compounding dividends for him.

      I’d do the same thing if I were him. He can’t do anything to inherently effect Mullen’s talent for coaching but he can steal every single recruit UF wants and also poach assistant coaches, all to try and create as much program instability at UF as possible,

      And that’s what he’s doing. And doing it well.

      5) More like “We recognize our recruiting sucks Dawg balls now and I need to stop running my mouth till I can prove it on the field and recruit my own backyard a lot better after I kick a few assistants to the curb”

      (My personal fave)

      6) We gettin’ nobody…

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  6. ChiliDawg

    This isn’t complicated. You don’t host a recruit when you know you’re being trolled just so your archrival can lower the hoop and dunk on you again.

    They want to stop recruiting players who are being recruited by Georgia just to save themselves the embarrassment.

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  7. Is it just me or is this the opposite of when Phat Phil was doing the same thing in Atlanta to Goff and Donnan?

    This is really beyond fun to watch.

    I wonder if Dopey just shrugs his shoulders as he heads back out on the lake or for an afternoon 9.


  8. ugafidelis

    Oh the weeping and gnashing of teeth over there. Bu bu but but, Elam!


  9. Cojones

    Could we see the take they have on Alligator Alley or on Orange and Blue? Huh? Huh? They have to be apoplectic by now and trying to voice their distaste for Dan, the Mouth That Roared. All you have to do to determine our next commit is find those down to UGA and FU.

    FU posters’ descriptiveness of their situation is better than what UGA posters can conceive and the FU fans that I converse with don’t even concede that those two gator holes exist.

    Bet Dan’s butthole gas is going Huff, Huff! due to the enlargements. I figure it’s cantaloupe-sized now and striving for a square watermelon. Things couldn’t get any worse for them unless we begin to flip their commits, one by one….wait…


  10. pantslesspatdye

    Senator, I’m just kidding(I think), but I’m starting to think that Smart may have turned this into a recruiting blog:)


  11. Cojones

    Welcome to the “G”, Marcus. Thanks for the timing of your commit and do you think that you can pull the next one in from down there? If you want a list, you’ll find it on Alligator Alley.


  12. 92 grad

    I’m enjoying this stuff too, and not feeling guilty about it. I do, however, worry about backing up all this talk on the field. It’s a little uncomfortable being so excited about our team for me still. Sure is fun to beat out cousin Eddie though.



  13. practicaldawg

    At this point, Kirby is doing like Bear Bryant used to do and just taking players so other teams can’t have them.


  14. Cojones

    We should tattoo FU on Uga’s ass because he sits on it regularly, scratches it profusely and licks it all the time.


  15. Corch Irvin Meyers New USC Trojans Corch (2020)


    Fuck these motherfuckers!


  16. GruvenDawg

    I was flying and missed this. The UF boards are hilarious right now. Kirby should launch part two of the offensive and start picking off their top recruits that are committed. Gervon Dexter top 50 DT should be #1 on that list.

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  17. Russ

    LOL! This is seriously great.


  18. practicaldawg

    Just noticed we are literally the only team on 2020 composite recruiting rankings with (only) 4* or 5* commits. Every other team as a minimum of three 3* commits. Notably, the team in Gainesville, FL has 6 4* commits and 7 3* commits, so I guess we’ll see if Mullen can load UF at 3* and whisper them up a few stars.


  19. Hmmm, I think it’s time to find a karaoke bar, queue up the Barbara Mandrell and ad lib the lyrics to “If gloating over the gators is wrong I don’t wanna be right”


  20. Corch Irvin Meyers New USC Trojans Corch (2020)

    Hey, how would y’all feel about bringing in Sideshow Dan the Clown to be our OC after Coley gets a head coaching job for the 2021 season?

    I think Sideshow Dan and D’wan Mathis or Carson Beck would be a deadly combination. After all, all these ‘turds can talk about is how he is a play-calling genius.



  21. 86BONE

    Milton will be wearing a red bonnet soon as well….it’s time to win the whole enchilada!


  22. Derek

    More gator tears:

    “Top 50 players signed in transition + bump year class:
    Mullen: 0+1
    Kirby: 3+6
    Ed O: 3+2
    Pruitt: 1+3
    Herman: 0+3
    Jimbo: 0+2
    Taggart: 2+1
    Cristobal: 0+2
    Day: 3+?
    So yeah, we have an elite talent problem. He’s done worse in that department than literally every other recent hire at a program of similar stature”

    I told you!! Mullen was a horrible mistake.


    • Cojones

      The gift that keeps… …. These boys keep mentioning new 4* that I’ve never heard of and shouldn’t we be listing them until signing day?

      Good. That was the name they last mentioned; Good. It’s nice to know that you can return every 2 hrs or so and get uplifted again by the antics of their circular firing squad now on display. I think the realists are killing off the fans with the best replies; you know, those that salve our souls every time we read one with his copious salty ones attached.

      See ya in a few hours. Just don’t want to miss too many before they take them all down.


  23. Texas Dawg

    Is it wrong to gloat? Not only no, but HELL NO. They are learning the meaning of “reap what you sow”, and it is FUN, FUN, FUN to watch. As I said a few days ago, my joy at witnessing the misery in Gainesville is only slightly exceed but the excitement that comes out of Athens on an almost daily basis. It could not happen to a more deserving bunch.


  24. jt10mc (the other one)

    Not at all Senator…NOT AT ALL!!!!

    Life is good down here these days!


  25. Silver Creek Dawg

    We have the #1 QB, #1 DL, #1 CB, and #1 WR in the state of Florida committed to the G. You like apples, Mullet? How ’bout them apples!!


  26. CPark58

    -Championship winning offensive coordinator “QB Guru” head coach?
    -10 win seasons with embarrassing losses to mid-tiers and ass whippings to rivals?
    -Part of fan base and media pointing to said 10 win season as a sign of better things just around the corner.
    -Off-season discipline PR problems?
    -Delusional post game talk about “having the better team despite the score”
    -Losing in state top talent?
    -Longing for the good old days when the legendary old head coach dominated Jacksonville?
    – Misplaced expectation to beat UGA because “we’re Florida and I remember back in the day we beat them every year”?
    -False bravado about how this year they turn the tables?
    -Deep down dread of the WLOCP?

    I’ve already seen this movie and this is one case where the remake is going to be a lot better than the original…


  27. old dawg

    I like what CKS is doing…17 out of 20 still burns me pretty bad from the old days…break off 50 in a row in their ass so they quit living in the old ‘we’re entitled days’…FTMFers…


  28. Terry Crews

    I don’t follow recruiting until close to the signing days but I can’t get enough of looking at their forums now lol