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Didn’t see this one coming.

Well, shit.

According to Georgia Football Coach Kirby Smart, University of Georgia wide receiver and former Newton High standout JJ Holloman has been dismissed from the football team after an investigation into a 2018 assault was launched earlier this month.

“Jeremiah Holloman no longer represents the University of Georgia football program,” Coach Kirby Smart said in a statement to The Covington News. “We expect every member of our team to uphold the highest standards and values of the University of Georgia and Georgia football. It is disappointing when this does not happen.”

Not really sure why this took over a year to come to light, although the article states that the victim wished to not pursue the case criminally.  In any event, I hope the victim is okay.

Disappointing, to say the least.




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A different kind of Name That Caption

So many options, so little time…

Have at it in the comments.  The man’s asking for help.


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Today, in your Daily Gator

So, Dawgs247 posts a piece about Jake Fromm and the good folks at Alligator Alley take umbrage.

Kinda reminds me of this insightful observation.

By the way, Jake Fromm’s passer ratings against Florida?  196.91 and 196.08.  You’d think the Gators could defend the slant better than that.


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So much winning

Welcome to Phil Steele’s stat of the day.

Before some of you start, three of those Georgia home losses came in 2016.


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CFN’s preseason Top 30 SEC players

Pete Fiutak lays out his list of the top 30 SEC players here.  This is how those thirty breakdown by school:

  • Alabama 7
  • Georgia 5
  • South Carolina 4
  • LSU 3
  • Missouri 3
  • Texas A&M 3
  • Florida 2
  • Arkansas 1
  • Auburn 1
  • Vanderbilt 1

Obviously, there’s nothing definitive about this in terms of overall program talent, but I am curious to see early indications of where the top level talent is perceived to reside.  Based on what I see there, perhaps Boom is deserving of a little more credit than he’s been getting.  But I’m still seeing a big gap after the top two.

I’ll return to this topic after I get to dive into Steele’s All-SEC lists next week.  In the meantime, what, if anything, do you glean from Fiutak’s rankings?


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Guess I wasn’t paying attention.

This is one of those “hmmm, don’t know how I missed that” stats.

Still makes Moorhead’s first season at MSU a little hard to explain, unless you really want to chalk it up to having a round peg in a square hole at quarterback.  If that’s the case, then his offense has a chance to step up this season behind a transfer from Penn State, I would think.


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“It’s not my job to make them happy.”

Good piece in The Athletic ($$) about how coaches have to adapt — if they have to adapt, that is — to life after the transfer portal.

Two quotes worth sharing, the first being from Nick Saban.

“You have to make it about them. This is the most self-absorbed generation there’s ever been,” Saban said.“There’s more information — internet, Facebook, Twitter — coming at ’em. It’s hard for them to focus on exactly what they have to do and make commitments to be successful because they get positive self-gratification from so many other things. So now you expect them to walk into a room and just buy in to what you say? You’ve gotta show them in some kind of way how it’s gonna benefit them to do the things you want them to do. And I think this has been key to our success.”

Just as important, Saban argued, you have to learn how to reach every player for who they are and what their attitude is. You have to understand how they see the world, not just how you see it.

“I think that’s very important for all of us, to sort of adapt and adjust as we go through what we do,” he said.

This is why the man is a stone-cold fabulous recruiter.  He knows his audience and he knows how to sell his program to his audience.  (Of course, it helps that he’s got a credible track record to go along with his sales pitch.)  Swag may get you in the door, but it takes more than swag to sign elite class after elite class.

It also takes burying one’s ego a little, too, something that’s got to be hard when you’re an alpha male at the top of your profession.  Here’s something from Stanford’s David Shaw about that:

“We are some of the biggest self-interest group there is, right?” Stanford coach David Shaw said. “So we want to be great recruiters, and then when it doesn’t go well, we also want to blame the young people for these decisions. We have a big stake in that. We have a big part in shaping the mentality of the young people that we recruit. When a young man transfers after a year, then there was something wrong with the process.”

I think the header to this post expresses the right attitude for a coach to take, but if you can’t make a talented kid see the value in his role on the team and the process going forward, that’s on you as a coach… unless you no longer see that value, either.


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TFW other people’s money just means more

Now this is how you bag man.

John Paul Funes—who pleaded guilty today to stealing more than $550,000 from the Our Lady of the Lake Foundation—sent approximately $180,000 of that money to the father of Vadal Alexander, the former LSU offensive guard who played for the Tigers from 2012-2015 and was a student-athlete at the time of the payments.

Four sources have confirmed for Daily Report that Alexander’s father, James Alexander, was the recipient of the $180,000, who is referenced in the court documents only as “Individual C.”

James Alexander is a self-employed entrepreneur who lives in the Atlanta area, according to his LinkedIn and Facebook pages.

Stealing from a hospital charity to fund your own Cecil Newton-style private Idaho?  That’s ballin’, even for the SEC.

Former LSU coach Les Miles, who led the Tigers during Alexander’s college career, says he is stunned to hear of the payments.

“I didn’t know about it and wouldn’t have expected that in any way,” says Miles, now the head football coach at the University of Kansas.

I am shocked, shocked that Les Miles is shocked, shocked.


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Imagine the possibilities

You know, for a guy who is routinely criticized for poor tackling, Richard LeCounte’s name sure seems to crop up a lot in stats like these.

No, he’s not as good as Delpit.  But, down the road, he could be.


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“Athletic departments are not islands.”

And why shouldn’t schools share in the bounty provided by not having to pay their student-athletes a market-based rate?

This has been your reminder that the academic side has just as big a stake in maintaining amateurism as the athletic side does.  It’s simply good business.


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