This may be the mother of all Freudian slips:

UGASports: Although Greg McGarity gets a lot of grief, you’ve been a strong defender of him. What are your thoughts on Greg?

Brooks: I think when you’re the man at the top, everything comes to you. And, there are no easy fixes to a lot of our bigger problems in terms of logistics. But no one loves Georgia more than Greg, no one cares about the people that come to these games, and the student-athletes and coaches more than Greg. He reads every single email and is very responsive and caring to all issues. Greg is very caring of the loyal fan who has been here for 30-plus years and is trusting in their experience. He is not just a money-at-all costs athletic director, but he’s honest, fair, and treats people the right way. [Emphasis added.]

“Just”?  So he is one, but at least he’s honest about it.  LOL.

That’s the kind of thing that can happen when you’re so wrapped up in giving your boss a tongue bath.



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  1. How many times does it bare repeating in this blog the old phrase “when they say it ain’t about the money…”


  2. Dawg19

    Shorter Brooks: “He is not just a money-at-all costs athletic director…he is OUR money-at-all-costs athletic director.”


  3. Salty Dawg

    Good gawd almighty! Brooks is just as full of hot steamy shit as his daddy.


  4. Russ

    I can see Brooks is being groomed.


  5. Charlottedawg

    It would actually be easier to respect ADGM if he made no pretenses about being solely focused on money. Well that, and the fact that most CEOs and corporate chairmen are a lot better at chasing the almighty dollar and their respective jobs in general than Greg. This is coming from a guy who’s been shall I say less than impressed with most of the c suite folks I’ve run across.


  6. Go Dawgs!

    … I think you may be reading a little big too much into that.


  7. Granthams replacement

    Greg’s caring level for people at games is perfectly correlated with their yearly donation level.


  8. Ldawg

    Are you a contract attorney Senator? 😉


  9. Bright Idea

    I do see Brooks as next in line. UGA will never hire a carpetbagging gunslinger as AD anytime soon which is a good thing. Lots of schools are out there making public fools of themselves with dumb spending and wishy-washy decisions. At least our guys are consistent.


  10. AdaWg

    Sure, he cares about the 30 year fans. That’s why he sprung a ticket price increase on us 3 weeks before the donations were due.

    Granted, he did respond to my first email about it. He conveniently ignored my second when I suggested be resign.