Your Daily Gator ponders a world without Holloman.

You heard it here first.


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20 responses to “Your Daily Gator ponders a world without Holloman.

  1. Doug

    My favorite part is the Mizzou fans bum-rushing the thread to be like, “Um, hey, Florida can’t even beat us on the reg.” lolololololololol

    Fun fact: Since joining the SEC, Mizzou is 4–3 against the Gators, with an average margin of victory of about 25 points.


    • bulldogbry

      I didn’t believe you, so I went and looked it up. And now I’m going to say it out loud since it sounds so good and the Gators are all about what happened during “certain periods of history”.



  2. Got Cowdog

    I had to go all the way to the last page but sure enough, it was there:

    “It’s the same front 7 that stopped UGA for 7 straight goal line plays last year. I don’t think that your OL is so distinctly better than our DL that none of the other factors will matter. Hopefully we are able to force y’all to pass (like we did last year), and this time we have our top 2 corners out there to cover your receivers. I don’t think that your OL will overwhelm us like you believe it will.”


  3. Milledge Hall

    Has Chauncey woke up yet???


  4. practicaldawg

    I don’t want to downplay the loss of Holloman. There’s no question he would have made plays in 2019. But no one even knew his name until half way through last season when reliance on Hardman waned. With Kirby’s recruiting, get used to learning a lot of new household names by October of each year. I have a feeling Fromm will have ample targets, including Herrien and Cook, who I expect to have significant receiving yards.


  5. This from dawgfanman “It’s worse than last year..and we lost 38 upperclassmen going into 2018. 2019 is gonna be a train wreck. No talent at WR, only one decent back, a game manager at qb and the genius of Chaney is gone.”

    yup, thats a Gator troll lol. Gators can’t even own up to their fandom these days. The smashed and blended hopes and dreams of the Gators this year will make a lovely compliment to any meal.


  6. stoopnagle

    LOL. /jenniferlawrenceyeahright.gif


  7. Pedro

    I went back and watched the 2018 uga Florida game this weekend. If franks doesn’t give the ball away several times 19 may be a game. Much closer game than the score due to a strong 4 q. Likely the recipe for 2019. Holloman scored two touchdowns FYI.


    • Jim

      Yeah it’s easy to forget we were losing in the third quarter in Jax last year


      • Russ

        For about 3 minutes, with 25 minutes left in the game. And we won by 19. But other than that, it was a close game.


    • practicaldawg

      But how many times in the 1990s do we win if it weren’t for cherry picked plays going a different way? Florida will be good enough to make it an interesting game for a half, as will any team with a first team of 4*’s. Fortunately, the game is 4 quarters long, and depth matters.


    • stoopnagle

      Third and Grantham


  8. Texas Dawg

    The mental illness in Gainesville worsens by the day. Surely the EPA is testing the air and water for the cause. The CDC must be on the ground in force by now to find the cause of this mass derangement.


  9. Mike Cooley

    Kirby Derangement Syndrome.


    • Whiskeydawg

      I thought with the latest drug therapies, KDS was manageable & in some patients actual remission is possible. I pledged a nice shiny Roosevelt dime during the last telethon.


  10. I don’t get the “our receivers …” Really? We have 1 transfer who will be a junior and played as a Freshman (and we all cried when he first went west), another who came in on the portal, several 4 stars who are now in year 3, and if you have seen Pickens ….? Plus, our running, and Cook — I am not sweating the receiver position at all.


    • Macallanlover

      Me either. Not that we are able to claim best position group in the country but we have loads of talented receivers, with speed. Stack the box at your own risk with Fromm’s accuracy. We will be fine, 2-4 passing TDs against Todd this year, depending on how aggressive he wants to be to stop the pass.


  11. jt10mc (the other one)

    It will be SOOOOO much fun in Jax this year. Last year we walked over to SECNation and the turd band was over there with MANY turd fans. They were a confident almost smug bunch then the game started. I loved the seats disguised as turd fans in the 4th…