Nothin’ but respect

This is pretty cool.  Georgia named one of its defensive calls after Tagovailoa.

It worked pretty damned well, too.

Best part of that clip is watching Kirby sprint down the sideline like a madman, gesturing for an intentional grounding call.


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6 responses to “Nothin’ but respect

  1. I’m not sure Kirby was asking for intentional grounding as much as he was asking for an in-the-grasp call. The result would be the same, but there was a Tide eligible receiver in the area … or at least, that’s what Steve Shaw would say. #BamaPrivilege

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  2. stoopnagle

    …and not getting the call.


  3. Dylan Dreyer's Booty

    I watched the replay of that game recently. First 45 minutes were GREAT. I had the good sense to quit watching after Hurts came in. We had Tua under control. At the same time, he was a little gimpy so it is hard to know if we were all that great or whether he couldn’t do his normal stuff.


  4. soccerdawg

    where does one get this kind of tape of the game?