Okay, you convinced me.

I have to admit that I’ve finally found a positive to moving the Cocktail Party out of Jacksonville.  It would eliminate the topic as a source for this kind of dreck from Connor Riley.

I mean, Steve Spurrier, “power player”?  Seriously?


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  1. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again… Connor Riley is an idiot who is only capable of just-short-of-plagiarizing other site’s content. When I see his name on a DN article, I know to skip the post.


  2. If McG is more worried about profits, Georgia is already tops in $ profit in the SEC. JAX income will mean likely 1 mil less in the bottom line due to less ancillary expenses incurred bringing the coaches and other personnel to the game, but eventually more money can be.generated by better recruiting and a possible natty because of it with increased donation.


  3. Mayor

    Spurrier said it best. It makes as much sense for Georgia to play Florida in Jax as it would for Florida to play Georgia at Mercedes Benz Stadium. I’ll go on record: I favor keeping the WLOCP a neutral site game if they move the game to Atlanta and allow Georgia to bring recruits to the game every other year. I know that’s not exactly what Kirby wantsbut that’s better than playing it in Jacksonville like we do now.


    • Putting the game in Atlanta is moronic. If they can Jax, it’ll be for a straight home-and-home deal.


      • Mayor

        Oh I agree if they pull the game from Jacksonville it will become home and away (Athens and Gainesville). I just wanted you to say something like what you just said (moronic) about playing the game at Mercedes Benz Stadium. It is just as moronic for UGA to play that game in Jacksonville. Besides, FU would never agree to playing it in Atlanta. So it’s really a non-issue.


        • Mayor, Jax isn’t as moronic as Atlanta, for several reasons.

          One, you won’t get a balanced crowd in Atlanta because 30-40,000 UF fans aren’t going to make a three-day trek for a regular season game in Atlanta.

          Two, you can’t tailgate at MBS like you can in Jax.

          Three, Atlanta has already proven it won’t or can’t pay the schools as well as Jax.

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          • Cojones

            Then I guess we shouldn’t play ‘Bama or Clemson or any other team in Atlanta because they can’t travel the distance that we do each year to J’ville and it will end up with an unbalanced audience.

            Boy, Senator, you are pulling these excuses from further up your ass than you did in posturing against 8 teams for the NC.

            The reasoning for keeping it in J’ville right now should be based on tradition and that is all. That’s usually enough reason to retain things down heah, but you are as limited for further reasons as it is to retain the Confederate Battle Flag.


  4. rugbydawg79

    Connor is using this as click bait…..The game needs to stay in Jacksonville.


  5. more spinners

    Since 1933?
    Bet that is when the discussion about JAX begin.
    Frankly, tired of hearing about it. Only the “educators” can look at all the tangibles and intangibles, and never come to a conclusions. Wait, just put an “Incomplete” on it.
    Yes sir, gradualism is certainly at work here.
    Here is a suggestion.
    Play the freaking G Day game in JAX, and let the players treat it as a bowl game. No limitations on a travel squad.
    Plus, the wine and cheese crowd could do the same.
    Let Vegas start taking odds on it.


  6. DC Weez

    I really hope all this talk about moving the WLOCP from Jax is just a negotiations ploy. The game should always be in Jax.

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  7. Austin

    Home and home!


  8. HiAltDawg

    We’ll see how interested Coach Smart is in moving the game from JAX when he finds out UGA will play in Gainesville three times in a row to accommodate whatever the Hell the SEC and Auburn wants

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  9. CB

    Riley seems like a good kid, but his articles are back page material for the Red and Black.