Musical palate cleanser, a little Texas guitar edition

I hadn’t seen this clip with Stevie Ray Vaughn before, but it’s a pretty neat look at him explaining technique.

Or, you could just watch him play “Tin Pan Alley”.

Ain’t much to say after that…


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4 responses to “Musical palate cleanser, a little Texas guitar edition

  1. Brad

    If you are an SRV fan, you have probably seen this. Looks like he wakes up, puts on his full-length leopard coat and just busts into an impossible riff at 1:28 in the video. What a talent.


  2. J.Maxwell

    Best blues guitarist of all time,SRV could wear out a Fender !


  3. Truupster

    Once again, the football stuff on this blog is pretty darn good, but I come for the music! Thanks Senator. I was lucky enough to stand in GA Hall inside the Tate center in the 80’s and watch SRV do a show 10 feet away. Unbelievable. Even got a high five from him as he left the hallway headed for the bus. Gotta love UGA memories.


    • doofusdawg

      I love the Senator’s musical palates as well. After the death of SRV in 1992 several of his band mates formed a band for one album self titled Arc Angels. For those not familiar they really are worth a listen. I saw them at Myskin’s in Charleston and was blown away.

      Myskin’s was the Charleston music scene in the eighties and early nineties in Charleston. I discovered several bands there before they got into the Atlanta market. Arc Angels, Big Head Todd and the Tragically Hip (their album Fully Completely is definitely worth checking out) all played at Myskin’s along with Panic and many other regional and national bands before they got national acclaim.

      If only the Swimming Pool Qs would come back to the Windjammer. Too bad you can’t go back.

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