Steele’s 2019 preseason SEC teams

One last snapshot from the Preview, and then you’re on your own.  (Buy the mag, in other words.)  Here’s his four preseason conference teams.


That’s 116 players in total.  Here’s the breakdown by individual teams, with the first team numbers in parentheses:

  • Alabama 15 (10!)
  • LSU 13 (4)
  • Auburn 9 (2)
  • Georgia 9 (4)
  • Missouri 9 (2)
  • Florida 8 (1)
  • Ole Miss 8 (0)
  • South Carolina 8 (1)
  • Texas A&M 8 (2)
  • Arkansas 7 (0)
  • Kentucky 6 (1)
  • Mississippi State 6 (0)
  • Tennessee 5 (1)
  • Vanderbilt 5 (1)

And a few random observations:

  • You may not like seeing it, but this is yet another confirmation that Alabama is still on a completely different level of existence, talentwise, from the rest of the SEC.
  • Gee, maybe Tennessee isn’t quite back yet.
  • Everyone talks about Florida being the clear number two team in the East, but between its schedule and talent base, Mizzou could be the sneaky number two instead.
  • LSU matched Georgia with four picks on the first team and finished with thirteen players overall, four better than the Dawgs.  The Tigers aren’t Georgia’s problem this year, but, as always, they’ll be Florida’s.
  • Another reminder as South Carolina struggles its way to bowl eligibility:  the ‘Cocks aren’t a bad team; they’re a decent team with a bad schedule.
  • Auburn has a total of two offensive players on all four teams.  Gus has his work cut out for him, it seems.
  • You can pick a few bones here and there — four LSU offensive linemen seems a stretch to me, at least based on what I saw at their spring game — but this is one of the more conservative projections I’ve seen from Steele, who usually has more than a few real stretches on his lists.  I could be missing something, but he only projects  a single true freshman, LSU’s Stingley, into the entire 116.

Your thoughts?



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27 responses to “Steele’s 2019 preseason SEC teams

  1. Dawg in Austin

    Woerner and Stokes are clear misses. Agreed re LSU’s line, that’s ridiculous.


    • Timphd

      Am I miscounting? I only see two LSU listed as O-linemen.


    • doofusdawg

      Don’t know about Woerner… think it depends on Coley… but Stokes and Big Ben will be there at end of season. One of our olbs also if someone gets enough snaps. Also think Camarada has a big year.

      Great posts today Senator.


  2. I don’t have my Steele with me, but he is high on LeCounte in his FS rankings. Then he doesn’t show up on the All-SEC team.


  3. The other Doug

    Mizzou is starting to get my attention. 3 OL guys and their RB make the list. Add in Kelly Bryant at QB, and you have a contender in the East.

    Derick Dooley is still the OC though.

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    • stoopnagle

      Not to mention, the schedule breaks favorably for them. They get Ole Miss and Arkansas from the west, a bye week before UGA (after we play in Jax), and they get UF, UT, and SC at home. Add to that nobody is really talking about them in all the UGA/UF hype, it adds up. OTOH, if they slip up at Wyoming or vs rebuilding WVU early, does the bowl ban sap their energy and will?


  4. There will certainly more than 1 true freshmen on this list come December.


    • Saxondawg

      Yes, it is to be remembered that Georgia’s best talent is in the years that will flash during the season. At the end of the year, such a list will look very different than it does now.

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  5. UGA: Not one WR and only one DL spanning four All-SEC teams.



  6. Greg

    That ought to piss “Big Ben” Cleveland off. Hope it pisses off Tray Scott and some DL too, still don’t think they are playing up to their potential (as a unit).


  7. MDDawg

    UGA and LSU each have on 1st teamer on special teams. I’ll take our kicker over their long snapper any day of the week.


  8. Russ

    Just because he writes it doesn’t mean I believe it. We have one of the best offensive lines in the country and we only get three OL on his 4 deep? Horse hockey.

    Keep feeding Bama that rat poison, and ignoring the Dawgs. We will be fine.


    • Greg

      Absolutely…keep on talking.


      • Don’t feel slighted concerning UGA’s O line…it’s obviously bama and the rest, only way to change the media’s perception, is for UGA to have a very large scoreboard lead while the “fat lady” is singing Glory, Glory to ole Georgia…!


  9. jt10mc (the other one)

    If you dig into things…of our starting 5 on OL 4 could be first team based off production.

    The other 6 could be second and third team.

    I would wager that the 2 deep could start anywhere.
    We have good problems on OL.

    At DB…our back five is as talented as any and would argue Stokes should be at least 2nd team. Any DB outside of LSU/Bama ahead of our groups is a miss.

    CJ Henderson at turd land is NOT better than our starting CB’s.


  10. Normaltown Mike

    I think our LB’s will be more productive than the low expectations reflected in this. Not that I take this as a shot at them, but they haven’t shown up yet in a major way. The experience of Clark, Rochester & Davis on DL will not be glitzy but will allow our LB’s to shine IMHO.


  11. sectionzalum

    Can someone please bring Steele’s e-mag into modernity?


  12. Cojones

    They are ranked according to total numbers on the teams and then ranked by alphabet as to 1st team numbers when their team numbers are the same. Why publish each team’s player numbers on first team if the number isn’t a hierarchal listing? If ranked by numbers on 1st team, UGA and SC would go up one notch and A&M would go up three. (???)


  13. Jack Klompus

    Surprised that Wilson is 4th team. Zero OLBs- has to have been quite a long time since that happened.


  14. Ant123

    It’s the one at the end of the year that matters.


  15. Macallanlover

    I am a long time Steele fan, if for no other reason than his incredible production of information. For the most part, it is usually admirable in accuracy as well, but he is way, way under estimating UGA’s talent when looking down that list, and that will surface by year’s end. Biggest misses are the OL, LBs and DBs, so that is a lot. Appears to be paying too much attention to the rear view mirror. Bama and UGA are very close in talent this season. If they make it to Atlanta, it will another “helluva game”. The last three titles between the two came down to the last play, ain’t like we aren’t right there in front of them. Wake up PS, you are usually sharper than this.


  16. Greg

    Agree, gotta go out and do the deed. BTW, don’t feel slighted at all. Hopefully, it will put a chip on their shoulder.