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Something’s missing

If you have questions or concerns about how much of a positive impact Georgia’s receiving corps will have this season, you’ll be interested in this David Ching piece that looks at five SEC position groups, including Georgia’s pass catchers, that have something to prove.

The good thing, if you want to call it that, is that of the five he analyzes, the only one that appears to be on less shaky ground than Georgia’s wideouts is the LSU running backs group.  On paper, anyway, Tennessee’s offensive line is a mess (true freshmen at both starting tackles), Auburn is about to start a quarterback with no previous college experience and, between the evaporation of a once-talented receiving corps and Rich Rod at the helm as the new OC, Ole Miss’ passing game is likely to disintegrate.

I don’t feel so bad now.



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Alex, I’ll take “Embarrassments” for $200.

Your contribution dollars at work:

On the bright side, we’ll be able to add Tennessee to that list after this season.


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What do SEC schools have against tailgating, anyway?

I posted yesterday about the unique social atmosphere that’s at the heart of the college football experience.  Yet, between the hostility towards tailgating that’s been a hallmark at Georgia since the Michael Adams days and the effort at many conference schools to weaponize the revenue stream from fans who only want to get together to experience Saturdays in the fall, it’s like conference schools don’t give a rat’s ass about the average fan’s enjoyment.

It’s incredibly short-sighted.  The more you treat college football like any other sport, the less incentive we have to keep showing up as we have done historically.  Yet, you know one day AD’s are gonna wake up and wonder where everyone went.


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A nickname is born.

Via the LA Times:

Screenshot_2019-07-02 Days of NCAA having it both ways should be nearing an end

Emmert Fudd’s got a nice ring to it, doncha think?

And while we’re at the linked piece, this is a pretty good point, too.

This transfer rule is essentially a noncompete clause like a company uses to keep an employee from hopping to a competitor. So the NCAA wants to treat its most valued athletes as employees only when it suits the schools’ agenda.

It’s all part of the educational experience.


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“The university strives to ensure compliance with NCAA rules.”

Ordinarily, I’d say stuff like this shows Southern Cal belongs in the SEC, except the coaches in our conference are generally more careful than that.

Rick Courtright, USC’s defensive quality control assistant from 2016 to 2018, said in the lawsuit he overheard graduate assistants Brett Arce and Austin Clark discuss working with defensive coordinator Clancy Pendergast to pay two students with low-level positions in the program to take online classes for the graduate assistants.

The lawsuit in Los Angeles County Superior Court said Courtright later witnessed Pendergast, who is named as a defendant in the complaint along with the school, hand an unspecified amount of cash to Clark.

C’mon, man, that’s what cutout bagmen are for.

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“… the lack of competitiveness was alarming.”

Athlon dude’s not buying the Jeremy Pruitt’s got it goin’ on narrative:

I’m pretty sure I’m never going to stop enjoying “gets blown out at Vanderbilt”.


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