2019 SEC Unit Ranks: Linebackers

You know, after reading Poseur’s latest SEC position group rankings, I think you can make a decent argument that linebacker is the single deepest position in the conference, overall.  It’s really impressive.  Texas A&M appears to be the only school without one excellent linebacker.

Your thoughts?


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7 responses to “2019 SEC Unit Ranks: Linebackers

  1. Mayor

    Geez, how bad was Missy State’s O last season? They had a D that good and lost how many games?


  2. Greg

    The Dawgs of Georgia have REALLY upgraded here, they’ve also gained experience. Look for them to move up few spots.


  3. Macallanlover

    This is a position group that deserves some concern, unlike the receivers, imo. It isn’t that Rice and Crowder aren’t pretty good, but talent wise they aren’t ever going to ever be studs like the ones we face against top teams. Tindall and Dean seem to have more upside and we might need them to play a big role. ILB is just a much bigger area of concern than WR as I view it in July, and I hope someone steps up and plays that stopper role and creates some chaos behind the LOS.


    • Maybe its just the Roquan effect, but I felt like this last season. But stats say they were pretty solid as a group. Crowder, like Lecount behind him seemed to have one big whiff per game. Again, maybe its just we got used to having an ILB that was NEVER out of position and NEVER whiffed. God I miss him.


      • Macallanlover

        He was very special, incredible season for him….batted a thousand. Unfair to expect that from from any one player but we have, but we collectively have more cumulative talent on board now.


  4. Dylan Moses is still at Bama? He’s like the Hunter Renfroe of the SEC.