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Always a Dawg

Gawd bless David Andrews.



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Threading the needle

So, reading this hot seat assessment of Gus Malzahn,

It goes without saying that to take the job on the Plains means you’re under scrutiny from the moment you coach your first game. Malzahn knows this all too well, having received a seven-year, $49 million contract last offseason only to be put on the hot seat a few months later after dropping a few games. While Tigers fans are debating whether or not the coach can fix the offense to be more consistent, it’s worth filing away the fact that Malzahn enters 2019 coaching under and AD who didn’t hire him and without his biggest supporter in the recently resigned school president.

… I have to ask, where’s the sweet spot between a season so bad he gets fired and so good it sucks from a Georgia fan’s perspective?



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“Jared Lorenzen was a baller.”

I guess some of you heard this news yesterday.

He wasn’t even forty yet.  Sad to hear about one of those rare players on another team who it was impossible to dislike.  His girth was one reason, sure, but he was a helluva lot of fun to watch play, because you never knew what might be coming.

If you have a subscription to The Athletic, make sure you read this Bruce Feldman tribute ($$) about what a remarkable athlete and competitor Lorenzen was.

Hal Mumme, Lorenzen’s coach at the University of Kentucky, was sitting in the film room watching tape with his star quarterback Tim Couch when the lights flickered behind them. They turned around and saw a baby-faced young man filling the doorway.

“I wanted to meet you,” said Lorenzen, then a high schooler. “I’m gonna be your quarterback someday.”

Mumme noting Lorenzen’s massive frame — he sized him up at probably 6-4, 300 at the time — and thought, ‘You might be my left tackle someday.’

RIP, big guy.


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Your evergreen Fourth of July post

I can’t say it any better than I did last year.

Once again, this blog would like to join the Godfather of Soul in wishing all y’all a badass Fourth.

Enjoy the day.


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