“Jared Lorenzen was a baller.”

I guess some of you heard this news yesterday.

He wasn’t even forty yet.  Sad to hear about one of those rare players on another team who it was impossible to dislike.  His girth was one reason, sure, but he was a helluva lot of fun to watch play, because you never knew what might be coming.

If you have a subscription to The Athletic, make sure you read this Bruce Feldman tribute ($$) about what a remarkable athlete and competitor Lorenzen was.

Hal Mumme, Lorenzen’s coach at the University of Kentucky, was sitting in the film room watching tape with his star quarterback Tim Couch when the lights flickered behind them. They turned around and saw a baby-faced young man filling the doorway.

“I wanted to meet you,” said Lorenzen, then a high schooler. “I’m gonna be your quarterback someday.”

Mumme noting Lorenzen’s massive frame — he sized him up at probably 6-4, 300 at the time — and thought, ‘You might be my left tackle someday.’

RIP, big guy.



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  1. ugafidelis

    I remember him because he was just so hard to bring down.


    • J-Dawg

      Agree. I was at the game where we played UK at Sanford. (either 98 or 99)
      I watched David Pollack bust through the line and get his hands around his body. No matter how hard he tried or what he did, Pollack could “not” bring him down.


  2. FlyingPeakDawg

    He was like the 16 year old kid playing with the 8 year olds in backyard football.


  3. Athenshomerdawg


    • Mayor

      Cory Phillips should have been the starter all season. Donnan’s decision to make Quincy Carter the starting QB showed Donnan’s flawed thinking as HC. Carter would do something fantastic one play and the next he would do something incredibly destructive to his own team. The first thing you have to have in order to be a successful football team is a QB who won’t beat you himself. Carter was one of those who would screw up at the worst possible time and beat his own team. Question: What do Quincy Carter and Billy Graham have in common? Answer: They both can get a stadium full of people to jump up on there feet and shout “Jesus!” at the same time.


      • Athenshomerdawg

        You nailed it Mayor. Quincey “throw it over their heads”Carter had that outstanding game against LSU followed by a career of inconsistencies. Was responsible (what I learned) in part for Mikey Greer’s departure,would not get off the field per JD requests during that uSC debacle….I could go on. Cory was a gutsy qb who took a beating against the bees yet never flinched and happens to hold a few places in UGA’s record books.
        He lives and works in Atlanta with his family.


      • Dawg19

        Seconded, Mayor.


  4. PDawg30577

    Maybe my favorite non-UGA player of all time. RIP, big guy.

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  5. TXBaller



  6. Terrible, sad news. Probably my favorite opposing player we’ve ever seen. He was a crazy amount of fun, always.

    In 2001, Fabris was asked on the post-game show about not getting to him, and replied “Oh, our guys are getting to him, but when they do, he’s bigger than them.”

    In 2002 up there he gave us a terrible time in the first half- four touchdowns- and as we rallied to shut him down in the second half he completed only one pass- right-handed.

    In 2003 he walked off the field after the game, turned to look at Sanford one last time, and admitted he was crying because he’d never again get to play in that “beautiful place”.

    An unforgettable athlete, and an unforgettable character. Rest in peace, 22 Blue, we’ll keep talking about you.

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    R.I.P. Battleship.


  8. Mayor

    It’s amazing that a guy that big could be that agile.


  9. Macallanlover

    One of the most incredible, unique athletes I have ever seen. Always enjoyed watching his highlights when he was at Kentucky. RIP big guy!


    • Austin

      The Magician was an inspiration to all of us big guys that were lineman in life, but quarterbacks at heart.

      I cheered him on every time he took the field, as long as it was not against us, but man did I love to watch him play.



    My all time Munson nickname. Godzilla. RIP

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  11. 69Dawg

    Favorite nickname “The Pillsbury Throw Boy”.


  12. Spike

    A Baller, indeed. Rest Easy Big Man..


  13. RIP Hefty Lefty… you were what made the SEC so good.

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  14. South FL Dawg

    RIP #22. If there’s a football game in heaven he’ll be a load to bring down.


  15. The Dawg abides

    He was unique to say the least. Kind of reminds me of an overweight Tebow with the similar left handed throwing motion. To me he was much more accurate and creative on the move. Have to wonder what he could do in a modern S&C and nutrition program. Imagine him at about 260 in a Meyer/Mullen type offense.


    • Otto

      He had thyroid problems in the past Kentucky was doing everything they could to keep him around 300. If S&C was what we have now, it wouldn’t surprise me if he had those problems then.

      I’ll miss him, and he was great to watch until he was on the sideline across from UGA.


      • Dylan Dreyer's Booty

        Whatever caused it, his weight was a constant problem. Read an article that he was over 500 as of 2017. He started trying to lose weight then and is reported to have lost 100, but either he waited too long, or was on a diet that caused some kidney/heart issues that put him in the hospital.


  16. Uglydawg

    Also my favorite non-Dawg SEC player ever. Prayers and thoughts for his family. If Kentucky hasn’t retired his # they should do it at his service.


  17. Russ

    The Pillsbury Throwboy. He was fun to watch except when we were playing him. Such a shame to hear about his death.


  18. Mark

    That 2000 game in LEX was a shootout between J Load and Phillips. Corey answered everything Lorenzen did. One of my favorite road trips ever. Ha, Lorenzen ran right through future all pro Kendrell Bell.


  19. WTM

    Those blitzing DBs were definitely outmatched.


  20. Dawg19

    He even found a way to win a Super Bowl Ring along the way. He’s one of those guys that you were excited to see win one. He was also kinda like the John Daly of football. RIP, Jared.


  21. Probably one of Fav non Georgia players. RIP battleship.


  22. Raleighwood Dawg

    R.I.P. Big Man … I always admired you for what you accomplished.