They don’t call him Grinch for nothing.

Lots of coaches negatively recruit, but how many do so against their own team?

The thing is, it appears to be working, at least on the recruiting trail.  How motivated that Oklahoma locker room is this season remains to be seen.


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4 responses to “They don’t call him Grinch for nothing.

  1. Biggen

    Kirby said something to this effect a few years ago about the defense during a press conference. I remember him saying something like, “We don’t have a lot of 1st or 2nd round draft picks on D this year”.

    I’m paraphrasing that line in quotes but I think it was pretty close. I think he was trying to light a fire under them.


  2. Macallanlover

    Well, he has a few years of statistical data proving there is room for improvement, an playing time, on that side of the ball. I think I heard they improved to 102nd in the nation defensively last year. Goodness what they would be like if they ever play both sides of the ball. That said, it will be embarrassing when he faces his troops again after this, poor way of wording it if nothing else. Not far from what Pruitt did to his team last year, except he was speaking of both sides of the ball.


  3. J.Maxwell

    WTF !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. Keese

    Kirby was doing this his first year remember?